App Tiles Notification Bar Customization -Status Bar Changer

App Tiles is a useful school to get the pace. For example, you can have the 6 bridges make your va’ava’avave landscape architecture on the information program. Only your arms, pull a hook on the top of the list and are ready to stimulate. You can click anywhere, anytime. Always use tiles ready
Publish Bar Animals – Bar Modification Bar Change Bar Animals / Bar Changer Bar & Status Changer Info Customization and Custom More Customizing and New Bar with New News, Calendar, Everything More to set background or gif as your information! There! At this moment you have access to the information or photo or GIF of your information. Say My Information Information or Broadcasting Form publishes the publication of the rule or change information, this application is one of the types of programs that allow violence. Not only You can not put a copy of the image or GIF on my photo information. Photo or Broadcasting does not publish or change Bar Display, but can also be used News and needs.

Specific subsidies for advertising publishers or my gallery

  1. Extensive exposure or structure of factor coordination: – The structure or goal line for the changes that help you to classify the status of the case based on what you want in bar status and which color you want in your quality rule. Use the following status with the to use the bar or status bar status bar:
    a. Press the over / go arrow
    a. Add an order / percentage
    I. Colorful in color
    o. Name of the behavior
    u Climate change time
    f) Identify the color status, size, water change2. My photo is Knowledge of the Art or Transforming vote change – Use the new name My favorite vote / post navigation / chat, you can make pictures of your relative to a special place or POISON as well following property – information. You can select a photo from the tag so you can select a history or selection that uses the application and use POISON as a magazine for your browser.
  2. Change the fence / Change Change the transferee – Use the adjustment A scale or bargain or My Info Bar will change to Port Photographer which allows you to change the following: –
    a. Calendar / / Home
    Change the GIF Setup content and Graphics
    c. Wi-Fi air / off
    d. Record above / score
    u. Advice on Bluetooth
    f. Slowly, praise
    g. Christ the pot, the ground
    shake / go
    i. node on / off
    j. place and / above
    k / up and distance
    Do not worry over it
    with the plane on / off
    u. Take a laugh
  3. Look at the emblem information – change your photos of light or broadcast broadcasting / broadcast information Change you to help you post new articles stored. You can also go to the app and read the latest news.

Get a new configuration change – contact your Location Information box and change your phone’s status and message!Logo & Notch – State of quality

  • You can easily change your color
  • Multiple quality
  • The road should not.
  • Enjoy and share this Flat Flat Bar Battery quality level
    Add a nice information block to the top of your hair where the battery is displayed. And if you think this simple bank can have important information, try downloading – you’ll be surprised to see the surprise as you see it. Unusual entertainment and sharing together combine the current status of Batila and how much the gift has been given by inserting your piece of paper.
    Do you want to join to calculate your journey?

Even at knives or sports or libraries?

And have you been trying to find YES in the past and have you lost some eyes?

Welcome to the battery battery! You can now create a ball at the height, location, and color that can be checked (this can be adjusted to the height).

The screen uses the crankshaft in top / empty keys on your phone.
The battery battery is much easier to find in great power / pen.
You can increase energy, electricity, kilos, balance, color lines and so on.
Stop your state car if you close your wallet if you can survive,
Fill the cabinet of fire as a good makes a percentage of specific heavy people.
A portable pump can be used to power electricity to use the quality of the phone. BAT app Batini does not need an image to use the app’s network, such as power power plant sensor on the overall image, and this helps to stop the service of the Baturi skin. 0% in the CPU.Position in the bar position
Battery on bar Status bar (app Account information)
Special offer The first mobile phone that gives you a loss of skin and the discovery of searches.
It supports all Android 4.0 – 7.0 drivers and is expected to be a complete sign.

Easy to use problems.
★ Two main ways: Lollipop, gradient and aircraft (iOS)
You can choose to find the latest and highest quality color and dance,
Or use the fast design for the beauty of iOS 9 as a favorite.
★ Computer software and various topics
Tablet-ready designs.
Culture / tinting for every app
Acquire your skills wherever you are.
Read your exact statement from your message desk.
★ Lilac warning and lighting
Black color information
★ Auto hide on full screen
★ Auto-start when phone is removed
Battery volume
12 and 24 hours format
★ go on more
See Help and information about the app for more information.
Remember that this is a beta copy and must be processed. But it works well.
This application uses services.

Author: tamoorpardesi