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Best Free Movie Apps Android-New Movies

New Movies is the best Android app for movie lovers and TV shows.

*** We don’t stream movies. We keep you up to date with all the movies and TV shows available on the internet.

Section Movies:

  • NEW MOVIES: latest movies available on the internet. Updated daily. Blockbusters are selected for easy viewing. When you click on the movie you will see a review, trailer and cast, even by clicking on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes you will be directed there.
  • IN THEATERS: movies currently playing in theaters.
  • FUTURE: Gives you all the movies that will be released in the cinema soon.
  • POPULAR – Displays the list of most popular movies at the moment. The list is displayed by Movie Database.
  • TOP RATE: Displays the list of most popular movies ever. The list is displayed by Movie Database.
  • FOREIGN: Like the “New Movies” tab, it shows all the latest movies on the web, but in all other languages.
  • Any movie can be added to favorites and followed later.
  • The search option is available at the top of the screen. There are three options: 1. ‘New Movies’ are films that are already available on the Internet; 2. Search for ‘actors’
  • Share each movie with your friends
  • Choosing movie memories is coming soon!

TV shows this section:

  • NEW shows: latest TV shows available on the Internet. Updated daily with information on the latest episode available. Each television program has information about which channel that program distributes.
  • ON AIR: Gives you all the TV shows at the moment.
  • POPULAR: Displays the list of the most popular TV shows at the moment. The list is displayed by Movie Database.
  • TOP RATE: Displays the list of most popular TV shows ever. The list is displayed by Movie Database.

*** To watch a TV show under the “New Shows” tab, contact us via the app!

Free Full Movies
Free Full Movies


  • Unlock the pro version to completely free ads!

JustWatch – A search engine for streaming and cinemas
JustWatch is the best app to know where to look!

JustWatch is the easiest way to browse through your favorite movies or TV shows to see if they are available to stream in one of your favorite video games or at the cinema.

100% legal offers
View the legal offers available for movies or TV shows or stream them online or at the cinema. We show all deals on 85+ streaming services and cover most movie theaters in the US with all their movie times.

What’s on Netflix?
Find a place where you can stream movies and TV shows online among 85+ legal video services in the United States, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and Amazon Prime Video.

Cinema with me
View all new movies in both cinemas and new ones. Choose your movie time at a nearby cinema and book your movie ticket with a single click on Bandango.

Films and TV programs for children
Worried about what your children can see online? We have added age ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17) to help you choose the best and most suitable movies and TV shows for your child.

Functions and functionality

Offers 100% legitimate streaming offers: watch movies and TV shows online through paid subscriptions, free streaming, ad streaming, rent and buy (as download)
✔️ Monitoring bar: select your favorite 85+ video services available and filter various attributes such as genre or release year.
Engine search engine: 90,000 movies and shows with trailers, synopsis, cast, reviews and VOD deals.
Of cinemas with me and movie times: Find all movie times for cinemas in your area (AMC Theaters, Cinemark, Cineplex, etc.), and receive your movie tickets with a single click.
Movies Upcoming Movies: Watch the upcoming movies and watch the latest trailer.
Timeline Eline: Keep up to date with our daily list of new releases for movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and 83 other providers.
✔️ Popular: Find out where to watch the best movies and TV shows online.
✔️ Drop Drops: Enjoy the best daily deals for renting and buying movies and TV shows online.
✔️ Watchlist: Turn your smartphone into a remote control – put movies on your device in the queue without signing in.
✔️ Sign in: Create an account and sync your watch list on all your devices

📰 JustWatch in the press

“The easiest way to determine which streaming service has the desired show.”
David Nield, Gizmodo

Search Engine for Streaming and Cinema
Search Engine for Streaming and Cinema

“The problem with cable cutting is that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for in all these streaming services. Fortunately, a handy web app streamlines the search process.”
Zach Epstein, BGR

“There are several other similar services to find out about online streaming, but JustWatch is probably the best I’ve found.”
Ryan Hoover, product hunt

Cinemaniac – movies to watch
Have you ever noticed a movie and then forgot the title? Cinemaniac is your digital notebook where you can search, search and add any movie title at any time.

You saw an interesting movie in the cinema, but are you late, will you work either to the supermarket or to an important meeting? Don’t panic: Cinemaniac is the answer for you! Add the title to the “Movies to watch” list in the app and from there you can always find it: in the evenings, on weekends, at leisure, on your own and in business.

user review, production company, budgets, collections, similar films and more!

After you’ve seen the movie, you can move it to the “Movie Watch” list, and if you like, you can leave your own personal character.

If you need some inspiration, browse through the various ads to find tips for the most popular and highly rated movies. You can also refine your search by filtering movies by genre and year to your preference. You can easily browse through all the high quality movies of your choice. If you visit theaters regularly, you will find a specific list of movies currently expecting and upcoming titles.

It should be noted that this app does not offer streaming content

Relevant features:

★ 100% Material Design
★ Search for movies by title
★ Search for movies by a specific actor or director
★ Rate the movies you like

★ View YouTube trailers
★ Add personal notes about your movies
★ Share the movies with your friends
★ Make your favorite movie list
★ Manage your custom categories
★ Nice cover images for every movie
★ Browse movie lists: popular, most vocal, currently played and upcoming releases
★ Filter films by year or genre, sort them by popularity, turnover or number of votes
★ Choose whether you want to record adult content
★ Change the theme and app colors according to your preferences
★ Know the time for movies
★ Statistics about your favorite shows and votes
★ Register and synchronize your movies automatically
You cannot watch movies with this app
The best app to manage your movies: details, exploration, trailers, images, cloud sync, statistics, custom filter and more!

🔍 Search and filter: with the intelligent search function you can find the movie you are looking for in the easiest way. You can also filter by genre, director, actor, etc.
️ Discover: Every part of the app is designed to discover your new movies that you might like.
Heerd Managed: mark movies as often as you want. You can add many details to each vision (for example, when, where, how, language, etc.)
Ijsten Lists: organize items into custom lists.
☁️ Cloud: create a free account and keep your devices in sync with cloud energy.
Tract and IMDb support: connect your account or import data from your IMDb account.
💬 Details: there is a lot of useful information that you can use with everything.

Best Movies App
Best Movies App
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