Car Racing Game - Renegade Racing Apk

Car Racing Game – Renegade Racing Apk

The popular online game with MORE than 180 MILLION PLAY has found its way to mobile, bigger and crazier than ever before – and now with multiplayer!

Renegade Racing is a crazy adrenaline-driven multiplayer racing game. Perform epic stunts to get the turbo and drive your way to victory!

There are gravity worlds, crazy unlockable cars, big power-ups and lots of action waiting for you.

Join 1v5 multiplayer races and climb to arena levels. Each new layer you unlock gives you access to new levels: from the peaceful harbor, to the caves of the ice caves, the fiery demonic island and soon to newer worlds!

Unlock and upgrade over 10 crazy cars, including slim police car, non-Doppler bus, tank, and monster truck gazebo (don’t ask …)

Want to show? Perform missions and upgrade your car to unlock 16 different power-ups and a variety of car skins.

Car Racing Game - Renegade Racing Apk

Remember, this is not just a game about riding. Performing stunts is the key to your success! Each stunt you perform improves your turbo, so you run past your opponents to victory!

Are you ready for a crazy multiplayer racing campaign? Download now Renegade Racing!

There is a thin line between fast and first …

Join our most unique event in America, and join the world leaders in octane, wheel-to-wheel action!

With realistic driving characteristics, speed freak additions and turbos, epic recordings and beautiful locations on the west coast, Rebel Racing brings a breath of fresh air to the mobile racing category.

Collect, personalize and upgrade a fleet of true classics and great supercars and then head to the top of the Rebel Racing Tournament!

  • Own supercars and adapted classics
  • Make fully customized dream cars
  • Take the best drivers in the world, go ahead
  • Market-leading graphic images and FX
  • Really approved car racing
  • Experience epic moments

Escape the movement!

Named as one of the top 10 games of the year by TouchArcade. By the makers of Smash Cops – go through America in the craziest race on the way to the Google Play Store.

Car Racing Game - Renegade Racing Apk

Switch to speeding cars, come forward with escape devices, and avoid the police as you drive to the state line.

Well, almost. No matter what path you take through an ever-changing world of dirt roads and dusty logs, you can come down and ride through imposing scenery in the deepest depiction of destruction you’ve ever seen.

Make sure you are always ahead (and the police) with cool car upgrades. Start with a small compact and make it great with extra speed, handling and power. And if you want to make a big one, you can find the fastest car on earth, the amazing Hennessey Venom GT.

What crazy race would end without a TV helicopter waving at you? The further you go and the more you destroy, the more TV viewers and the more money you make. Play against your Facebook and Google+ friends to see who can become the most famous band on network television.

Before you travel, choose something that will help you along the way. Anti-stinger bands, the ‘Stunner’ car taser and even a tank are all available to get you started on the relentless Sheriff McBride and his representatives.

Manage Kris
Innovative single-finger operation makes driving, driving and turning in your car extremely easy, throwing handy gadgets – wherever you play.

Organizers of Smash Bandits race do not think that passing on police is just a big enough problem, that they have created more than 100 challenges where you can fully test your driving skills.

Car Racing Game - Renegade Racing Apk
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