Currency Exchange international Rates

Currency converter (over 180 currencies) with exchange rates in real time and offline mode.

Currency exchange for real-time exchange and offline mode with over 180 currencies. Set your personal list of currencies and look at all important currencies at a glance.

The real-time exchange and offline modes in Metro Magazine 2014 save you money abroad

★ Over 180 global currencies and 4 metals
★ Conversion rate in real time
★ Offline mode (no roaming price)
★ Change multiple currencies at the same time
★ Historical chart (1 day – 5 years)
★ To immediately add the search function to the new currency
★ bittoin
★ App2SD

Venezuela has a new currency: VES [VEF is outdated]
Performance improvements

  • New currency: astrology (small tokyo
    New CryptoCurrencies: BTS, XPM, XRP , DASH, DOGE, EMC, ETH, FCT, FTC, LTC, NMC, NVC, NXT, PPC,
    An improved layout for the Samsung Galaxy S8
     Bengali translation included
    -Translation added
    The new currency in Belarus (BYN) is
Author: tamoorpardesi