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E2PDF – backup via SMS, phone, call to TrueCaller
You can now do anything (call, selected logs, call logs, SMS messages, call numbers, SMS numbers) in XML or PDF format, and these computers can be made directly to Google Drive via email / DropBox, or store them in any year / whatever you want. . Upgrade and restore available SMS tools and call logs as well as PDF to save location SMS, call logs, call and numbers

Amazing residues to use

1 – Record messages and restore / your favorite SMS backup to pdf
E2PDF is a very simple but functional software that allows you to add to a favorite conversation via SMS and never give up. You can return them or make a copy of that PDF file. All you have to do is select a topic, and before uploading the PDF, the entire topic will appear on the display, type the file type and return it once. The backup you make can be stored on disk as in the email and can be shared / saved directly for that year.


You can download it with E2PDF

  • Support SMS from your fun friend
  • SMS notes to your family and us from time to time.
  • Create an SMS backup of your business to communicate with your peers as a contractor.
    This software also allows the user to view SMS for legitimate or determined reasons by saving a hard copy of the PDF and also by using the full dialog at the user’s request.

Call recovery and recovery allows the user to create audio log files on one device. The XML format also makes it easy to read. With PDF backup service, you can call, backup, miss or miss backup or log and use as you wish.

Choose any guest and download your Rog Log PDF backup and deep SMS / talk to your loved one. This is a visual feature and Truecaller allows the user to write all the details or send them as fonts. Truecaller is a completely free site. This scan scan allows SMS for the user to view messages to enter.

Callers receive daily information on the number found, lost or lost. You will also find information on average speaking time.

With SMS messages, you receive an SMS / daily SMS number and an SMS reception period for a specified period.

You can now access your contacts and establish your interests and credentials, including contact name, contact number and email address.
The main e-mail address is stored on your device, but not linked to this link itself.


Connect GOOGLE to backup / export
Follow these steps to save or download Google links:

  • Go to your living room
  • Select software
  • Select customers
  • Select your Gmail account to connect.
  • Go back to E2PDF and select “Touch Menu” and copy the unfamiliar words.
  • Google Phones is delivered as a PDF file and ready server.

The PDF is designed using low-cost scripts to make the format suitable for all students, including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Xodo PDF Reader, Sumantra, Radaee, Preview, Foxit, PDF-XChange and more.

The project creates the file that can be easily shared via email, WhatsApp, instant WiFi, Bluetooth and can be stored directly on your Google Drive or DropBox / iCloud.
E2PDF surveys completed files for free
phone with backup, google connection, sms, phone connection and backup.

E2PDF works with other SMS test tests

Separating the call from the backup and restore function is as follows.

Completed and restored:

Best software for backup and call log recovery. Data is a consistent XML collection that can be viewed by any XML user. Restore backup files and folders, eg Backup and phone backup. The file system can be used on any device.

Save a PDF call
The user can now separately download and save a PDF copy of the Roall log and its links. This published report is stored in user data and under no circumstances do we record this information.

See the information
The app also helps the user to set the call log at the specified time. The user can select the information number to view a detailed report of all calls, received and missed messages. The researchers’ report can be easily converted to a PDF and used for future reference.

Phone statistics provide daily information about the found, lost, lost or lost number. This information can be easily converted to PDF

Convert your contact address to PDF now and save it anywhere for future use.


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