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Use it with everything! It’s easy to submit money, complete your mobile balance (with Easyload) and pay it by clicking on the key! Everything you do is making your life easier.
Easy download:
Users return to one of the following communications:
i. Telenor
ii. jazz
iii. Zong
iv. Distribution
v. Ufone

Make money for your friends and family throughout Pakistan. The cash grant to CNIC, mobile phone or login form is not as easy as possible.
Implementation Lawyer:
Easypaisa can do everything you want to record in Telenor, text messaging and offer information. Not only that, but also amazing.
i. Internet offered:

  1. Ultra Weekly Tele
  2. Super Super Weekly
  3. Common counterpart of Telenor
  4. Only Information Technology
  5. Telenor Monthly Spellchecking Exhibits
  6. Telenor’s first offers
    ii. Easy right:
  7. Easycard 170
  8. Easycard 350
  9. Easycard 600
    iii. trading area:
  10. Telenor Hafkawaar Chappar Phar
  11. Sahulat Telenor Effects
    iv. Pet Pet:
  12. Parliamentary Parliament in SMS lelenor
  13. Telenor SMS program every month
    The pays:
    In fact, this will form the basis for paying full bills (electricity, telephone, gas, internet / broadband).
    a. IESCO
    u. Pepco
    C. Mepco
    d. KESC
    u. K-Electric
    Bahia town bank
    j. LESCO
    L NSPL
    m SSGC
    No. PTCL
    O. SCO
    q. PTCL EVO
    r. Phone call
    Qubee page
    You. Phone the world
    v. Wi-Fi boards
    Build good peaks and reduce buses, films and events. An application will be sent to you at the right time to print!
    film cinema:
    i) Cineplex Centuars
    ii. Bahria Arena Town
    iii. atrium
    iv. Multine Universal Cinema
    v. Cinestar city
    us. Sozo World Cinema
    VII. Enjoy the film’s wing
    VIII. Cinestar Xinhua Mall
    ix. Lahore Universal Cinema
    b. Bus Bus:
    O. Bilal traveled
    ii. ask Q
    iii. Daewoo
    iv. Skyways
    v. Niazi Express
    us. Rajput is on the way
    Make a safe time for yourself and your family in the future and use a simple insurance for what you need.
    Find your favorite from the window and add contributions to the app.
    Damier Diamond Basha Property
    e. Edhi
    C. Saylani
    d. Shaukat Khanum (SKMCH)
    u. SOS
    f. TCF
    QR math:
    Payments and mobile phones look at QR codes in some boats and use them.
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The Telenor application is a response to Telenor phone and accounts. Now you can manage your English information with the product and more information.
My Telenor program exists for your life, your happiness and your effort to make it easier.
Face Scanner:

  • Get the best money to make a movie
  • Keep updated with other leaflets in MB, Min, SMS everywhere
  • Record by clicking one by using the Telenor 3G / 4G app
  • Build your own offer and my Djuice (who is responsible)
  • Check mobile phones and SMS within 30 days
  • Get conversation with calls, SMSs and MBs for 30 days
  • Repeat control and insert the loan with luggage, credit card, advertising and investment
  • Check your balance and insurance for not having it!
  • Get a loan from your number after completing control with lock
    Buy to get the most preferred device with Telenor broadband mobile phones
  • Verify and delete applications and telephone numbers
  • Find all packages (in advance)
  • Put, forget or delete friends and family numbers
  • Complete your complaint to Telenor Pakistan without waiting for the call and continuing your position
  • Using the internet in the app
  • Remove your PIN / PUK from your application
    Buy to get the most preferred device with Telenor broadband mobile phones
  • Check the free exercise program after downloading it
  • Telenor was first paid
  • Telenor Postpaid
  • something to be used
    The app has always been updated with new and amazing things!
    Package package with 2019 SMS, call, internet 3G, 4G and international offers and package information on comparable offers such as the Sim Lagao package. The user can find information about all kinds of mobile links, Telenor, Zong and Uone. It also offers SMS balances, deductions, internet, testing. You can restart the card with a single click. You can write all books by clicking on the contact’s mailbox. 2019 Sim Papers is free and fantastic.
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