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ES File Explorer is a safe, easy and easy way to navigate your files free, secure, easy!
ES File Explorer is a perfect file file (image, music, film, document, use) for local use and usage! With over 500 million worldwide users, ES File Explorer helps you to manage your phone effectively and effectively and files and distribute files without cost of information .

File Guide and Graphic Explanation – Powerful tools to bring a good character into your pocket
• Marriages: Welcome to pictures, pictures, music, films, documents without using mobile phones and lines. Support the same Wi-Fi and basic theme.
• Control Control: Direct files in activities, move, copy, edit, renamed and strengthen
• Watch and play games for different types of files: Click to play music / video, show videos and papers / papers.
• Support for ZIP and RAR: This will allow you to distribute and protect ZIP files, add RAR files and encrypted files with encrypted files (AES 256 bit) FIP file

Telephone Telephone Telephone – Access your files anywhere
• Town Protection: Support Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive, OneDrive (SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex and most screen guides.
• Broadcasting Advertising: where possible, you can control files on your phone from your computer.
• Contact FTP and WebDAV user: Direct files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV and add files to your SD card.
• Access to your computer at home: via your phone via WiFi and SMB
File transition and file explorer
• Root Explorer: The best set of tools for creating file files for specialists. Allow access to all files and information addresses so that the user can change the license.
• File file File file: You can schedule and transfer files between Bluetooth devices. ES File Explorer (Telecommunication Manager) supports OBEX FTP for optimizing and installing files between Bluetooth devices
• Wi-Fi broadcast: Use your PC to use your FTP file.

Distributors and Others – Find all files in seconds
• Managing Director: Category, Uninstall, Backup and Shortcut in your applications
• Author record: Common records for 30 languages ​​(Java, XML, Javascript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.).
• Check the SD card: Check the application with multiple files and the latest records and individual files and two files to help you; Find an approved license with an employee and a memory that your programs know best
• Perform tasks and click on them, increase device memory and speed: A simple operating system at home will tell you what current RAM is and how you can finish their work, including a list of games that you do not want to stop. The Executive Committee is important to this.
• Apply cleanliness and self-control: Delete file files that have been saved. The Executive Committee is important to this.
• Common viewers: Help early download content that was recently installed in an 80% library

ES File Explorer (CEO) helps you manage all your files or keep them on the back of your device, microSD cards, local connections and archives. In general, you can use ES File Explorer to copy, modify, delete or distribute files to and from any of your settings. It also gives you a look at your files through sex.ES File Explorer promotes high quality and efficient service
With the program File File ES you can:
√ Download free download
√ Delicious color and many home design options
√ Learn that local people ask to develop the program with the intention of becoming the most powerful Android player.
√ Active information The following Google features and the best options will come soon

At this time, you can easily connect your FTP work, convert the WI-FI files, convert Bluetooth files, and easily add your Chromecast device.

ES Successful Explorer (administrative files) POLICY:
Refresh: Easy access to a file format, library for all music, images and file files. Make the file on PC, Mac, Linux often, phone, keyboard and
Translator: Promotion of photocopies via phones on phones, phones, phones
★ by admin: Support Dropbox,, SugarSync, Google Drive, OneDrive SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex and many other platforms.
★ Using an SD card and can judge and use files with the SD card with your SD card

Specifications and Benefits of ES File Explorer:
► Owner: access to your SD card, SD card and home phone storage, file manager as your desktop or computer, use of large options, save / copy / click, build, develop, reshare, search, share, add, hide, accept and copy
►Manager: shaping, configuring, resetting, playing programs on your programs and removing APK connections.
► file: If you can, you can check files on your phone from your PC, board, Mac, Linux server
► Authorized manager: You can duplicate with ZIP decompressed file, RAR file, 7z file and secret code (AES 256s) ZIP file file► Play players and players created for different types of files: add images, music and videos; Support for applications such as Quick Office for the best and most profitable
► Display image: for APK and photo
► Every edition with editors
► Watch your computer at home: via smartphones via WiFi and SMB
► Special years such as FTP and WebDAV packages: file management on FTP, FTPS, SFTP and Web Server processing files on your SD card.
► Bluetooth Bridge Editor: you can create files and faxes between vertical Bluetooth devices. ES File Explorer that supports OBEX FTP for flexible and flexible files between Bluetooth devices
One click ► Work tasks, Increase your memory and increase your device: you now create a widget that makes it easy to create your home for your current and enable selective testing, taking into account the list of applications you want to continue using This module is for this goal.
►Store the protection in Auto Start Manager: delete the function files to replace the files. The CEO must have a module for this.
►Root explorer: the last set of units for the user’s root usage. It provides access to the file system and full of information packages and allows users to change the rights.
► English many languages: English, Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Catalan, Tamil, Catalan, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and more …

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