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Fake call – Fake Call prank App

Do you want your friends to think you are getting a call from someone important? Do you want an excuse to leave a difficult situation?

With Fake Call you can do all this and more! Fake Call is a program that simulates an incoming phone call with a custom name and phone number.

Contains a tool that can be used to place a hoax call directly from your home screen.

How to use:

Normal call:
Launch the application and enter the name of the call, the number and time you want the call, and then tap Schedule. If you change your mind, you can cancel the call at any time with the Revert Call button, even if you have since closed the app.

Widget calls enabled:
The Fake Call tool allows you to set up a hoax call by pressing a button. Add the tool to your Android device and click on it to create a conversation. The blue icon means that it is ready to schedule a conversation, while the red icon means that a scheduled conversation is at stake.
If you want the widget to generate a call with a personal number / name / delay, use the Save Field button in the main application.

You can simulate an incoming call in a mock call.

Fake Call

Use a joke call – joke:
Now tap a call to activate a fake call.
Press a timer to set a mock-call timer.

False call features
Set the call name.
Give a number.
Choose a picture of the caller.
Choose a character like police or pizza.
Set a ringtone or use a default tone.
Set a voice for a caller.
Record a voice for the caller.

Disclaimer: False call game has no real incoming call feature – it’s just a simulated incoming call.
Bogus Call Free in Android Market!
The most professional and beautiful mock call and SMS application in Android Market! Get out of trouble, give yourself a fake caller ID!

Simulate a false number recognition to save yourself from an unpleasant situation, such as a boring meeting, a boring conversation, a meaningless conversation …

The hoax call charges no cost, it is completely FREE.

Make false calls

  • Best app 2016 approved by Google Play
  • The most popular and free hoax caller in the world
  • 10+ million users worldwide
  • 3+ million active users daily
  • New content updated weekly!
  • escape from a difficult situation, such as fooling your friends


  • Simulate lost, incoming hoax calls
  • Create false SMS for incoming / outgoing SMS
  • nice design and easy to use
  • Arrange false conversations and texts at a specified time and set return times
  • selection of false calls from your contacts;
  • also appear in your false conversation history;
  • The name was changed to “Call Assistant” when placing false calls on your phone;
  • Simulate fake call screen as real as your other phone: Samsung UI, Sony Erisson, LG Optimus, HTC Sense, ICS and so on.
  • Incorrect caller ID, image, number, voice dialing during call and phone call for new hoax call;
  • arrange more hoax calls;
  • customizes and controls the various voice and in-phone headphones for all hoax calls;
  • Set a new hoax, fake text at a certain time;
  • False conversations, SMS logs
  • Wrong now, in the past, even in the future;
  • Use less memory and battery.
  • ringtone of hoax calls, vibrations and hoax calls can be customized;
Fake Call - Prank App Apk

Fake call – fake caller ID – everything
The most professional and beautiful fake number recognition application in Android Market! Get out of trouble, give yourself a fake number recognition!

Simulate a fake caller ID to save yourself from an uncomfortable situation such as a boring meeting, annoying conversation, that is, without an interview …

The fake call – not everyone pays you a fee, it’s FREE.

• Simulate fake call screen with full animation such as the current phone call. Available for all Samsung devices
• Caller ID, image, number change for new hoax call
• Organize multiple fake calls
• Set up false alarms quickly
• False SMS
• Arrange a new hoax call at any time
• Not true now, in the past, even in the future
• Also displays the history of your hoax call

False Calls – Prank ID False ID
With False Calls – False caller ID allows you to simulate an incoming call.

Disclaimer: False calls have no real incoming call feature – it’s just a simulated incoming call.

Simulate false number recognition to save yourself from an uncomfortable situation such as a boring meeting … etc.

The False Call – Bogus Caller ID is free, it is completely FREE.


Order the incoming hoax call.

Enter characters such as mom’s hoax calls, police, friend or pizza or any other name you want to choose.

Change photo and call number.

Set up name, phone and call photo.

Record your voice: the voice can be played automatically when you record a call.

Select a delay time to receive a false call or fake SMS.

Why do we use the Fake Call joke app?

✔ You can make hoax calls and chat to your friends.
Smart Phone Stick is free. It will always be free.
✔ You can make hoax calls as you like and receive hoax calls.
False Call Calling Fun for everyone.
✔ We will update the application regularly.
✔ Fake Call Prank is completely free to download.

Key Features:

✔ Set hoax calls.
✔ Simulate a false call screen as real.
✔ You can adjust and change the phone tone for hoax calls
✔ Recorded sound is played when a hoax call is selected.
✔ You can change any image in Gallery and choose to set a false caller ID.

Fake Call - Prank Apk
Fake Call – Prank Apk
Author: tamoorpardesi