Fing - Network Tools download

Fing – Network Tools Apk Download

Fionn helps 35 million users around the world understand:
Who is on my WiFi
Will anyone steal my WiFi and the public?
Do I include it? Am I connected?

  • Why are you starting to attack the Nethelm?
    Can my Internet service take me into account the rate I pay

Fionn is the # 1 network scanner: to identify and display everything connected to your WiFi and our patent technology which is also used by manufacturers and insurance companies around the world.

With free features and features from the Fiddle App:

  • Make WiFi and access to mobile phones, speed speed and track speed and distance
  • Use a Festival Wi-Fi & LAN scanner and Network scanner and find all connected items
  • Get the most detailed proof, from the IP address, the address of MAC, the name of a device, photograph, producer and manufacturers
    NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP and HelloNames are available for names, features and types of equipment
    Includes a tune check, ping machine, traceroute and a DNS search
  • Get screens linked to phone and email signals
Fing - Network Tools

Type in box to open most of links on the network with the best solution for home use:

  • Know who you are at home as you will be leaving Digital Digital
  • Look at a device in your area and Digital Faence
  • Deliberate blocks and devices without authority
  • Set up parental controls to set up heat and put a stop to the internet
  • Review the use of broadband for tools
  • Find some of Wi-Fi sweet colors
  • Find links in the instant and receive reports about the implementation of ISP implementation
  • Make sure you have a connection to the home and check your harbor and risk assessment
    Broadcast communication
    The Media Browser can help you find problems finding your connection via WiFi, internet connection and searching for various problems on the mobile phone due to the many devices that need to be delivered.

Suitable for an electrical power detection device, including all addresses, manufacturers and names of all LANs. In addition, in connection connection, commonly used searches such as ping, traceroute, scanner scanner, DNS and leisis searches. Finally, all interactive communication is offered, with additional information such as strong energy, information and the person who has done something to find the best way for a technician. Everything works on IPv4 and IPv6.

Modeling WiFi methods:

  • View photos and texts with connecting lines and strengths
  • Wi-Fi network (WEP, WPA, WPA2) \ t
  • WiFi internet (AES, TKIP) \ t
  • BSSID (MAC MAC address), production, support for WPS
  • Extra (Android 6 and new)

LAN scanner:

  • Proof and accuracy of all equipment
  • Username, IP and MAC of every available device
  • NetBIOS, mDNS (hello), LLMNR and DNS names if they are available
  • The testing of inappropriate material has been found
  • Search for opportunities on IPv6

Ping & traceroute:

  • Good visits to the IP address and host name for all networks

Scanner Scanner:

  • Fast algorithm algorithm for testing common monks or names mentioned above
  • Get out of the closed boxes, open and open
  • A description of special services to open the city


  • Which country, IP address and MP number?
    Search DNS:
  • Activities such as watching or digging

Data record

  • Key information, outdoor IP (v4 and v6), DNS server
  • WiFi information such as SSID, BSSID, IP address, vice versa, subnet machine, powerful power, and so on.
  • 3G, LTE databases such as IP address, certification, power supply, MCC, MNC, etc. \ t
    Who uses my network network scanner
    Your iron connection is delayed and you think someone connects to WiFi and uses the internet without even knowing it. What are you doing in these circumstances? If you are looking for the fastest, clever and easiest way to control the number of devices connected to your WiFi website and find information on loose devices, you’ve come to the right place.
    With this request you can remedy that.

. Duty
• Review all WiFi computers in seconds
• Check who is on my WiFi / WiFi WiFi
• Flow controller: or or, and so on.
• A list of paragraphs in the list of words
The give you that type, the device type
• Basic information to find out where the device is connecting
• Click-Click Quick Scan
• Go to Router Router and new locks connected to the WiFi network
• Name your device for storing and identifying your household appliances

Understand Try to understand that this is a free application and advertising supports cost development.

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Fing - Network Tools apk download
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