HOLY QURAN - القرآن الكريم‎

Holy Quran 16 Lines per page

Improve your speech and mental experience every second, anywhere with the real sense of the true mind Quran. The Holy Quran has a real side effect, elegant style, smooth Nastaliq font and various ways to improve readability.

Now comes with a bundle of new customization options that give your eyes extreme comfort while reading.

Easy navigation
Open Juz or Sura directly from the index. It has all 30 chapters and 114 suras, long ties to see information about you. Again you will come to the place where you want to read. With the number Go to a page you can jump directly to a page.

Quick toolbar
A new toolbar has been added to the sacred choir seats for quick access to useful features such as bookmarks, night mode, audio pages, overlays in pages and settings.

Keep your favorite acid or page with unprecedented bookmarks. When reading, enter the button bar to save the current page. If the Quick Toolbar is disabled, you can save the current page by pressing the Volume Up button. New bookmarks can also be added from the bookmarks menu by pressing the plus button.

Hightness Manager
Now you can install and customize personal brightness pages in the app settings. This app setting does not affect your phone’s brightness settings.

Font colors
You can change the font’s color to the five-color font pages as desired. It is also very useful for people with color problems.

page Options
Preset page gives you a completely different view or Quran pages with a beautiful combination of color and text background. You can select any preset from the five specified prescriptions from the locations.

Holy Quran 16 Lines per page

Night mode
This makes the background black and text white, and you get a comfortable reading screen at night or in dim light.

Overlay method
If your eyes are dissatisfied with the color or brightness of the pages, you have a page overlay. It separates a variety of additives as well as a side shield to protect your eyes from sharp colors and brightness. You can adjust the color tone and intensity of the overlay of the settings.

Versions selected
Sajdah ayat is marked in green. The beginning of each Juz is obvious on the first line with a black background.

Other features
The screen has not been read during reading
Messages on the page as the location changes
Double-click the button to exclude the program
A page reflection shows that the mirror image on the back page is disabled, which can be enabled via the settings
The main menu supports multiple languages, is automatically displayed in the language of the phone
Find more options in the page menu

Compact size
This is just one file download, just install and enjoy the app. Most programs require 100MB of 500MB of external data, but this app does not require external data.

Easy sharing
Help spread the Holy Book of Allah and help others bless them. Share it with friends and family via SMS, email, bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp and other sharing options.

Remember easily as the best printed side of the Quran. The pages are damaged, so there is no spelling box or other errors. Don’t worry about going down. The full page is featured on the screen. This claim for the Saint Quran is composed of beautiful and authentic design.

Each of the tethers is indicated in a light yellow color and the beginning of each pair is prominent in the first line of green color. The screen does not break when you read.

Holy Quran (16 Lines per page)

The features of this St. Quran application.

Ipe From left to right for the next page,
♥ 30 Parts / Siparah / Juz as part of,
♥ 114 Surah to some extent,
Can You can return pages that you read
Know they need to know before leaving,
Air Answer a few questions
♥ And it’s a beautiful design.

The majority of applications want to download the data outside 400mb-500mb for installation, but the Holy Quran application does not need to download external data for installation. This Quran St bid is a 38MB replacement and reports as a real place for St Quran.

I hope all Muslims love to use the HOLY QURAN application, and this is indeed true for you.

Us Therefore try your prayers.

Holy Quran (16 Lines per page)
Author: tamoorpardesi