MagicCall – Voice Changer & Prank Calling App

By | March 7, 2019

Available voice with Prank Caller on the phone, and know the rough as the first.

More information about program calls – the sound simulator changes the best for all ages –

  1. Enjoy humorous humorists playing with the REAL-TIME reporter
  2. Have fun activities to use history, friendly romance, James Bond theme, or ask your friends to chat and add a little to your joke
  3. Get real money when first drawn
  4. Find your voice before calling
  5. Listen to your humorous prankroom again under my tape, or to the end of the game
  6. Align and divide your wrong call
    a. On WhatsApp, Facebook and other public broadcasts
  7. HELP to make a false mark
  8. Play things like pillows, parties and other times at the kitchen
MagicCall – Voice Changer & Prank Calling App

Speeches with various voices, games Pranks and Fool friends on phones

The alarm system sounds loud, the program of the world changes the best sounds like – bad battle and theme halloween, change of changing musical sounds for women, as well as the trumpet, random waves call prank phone, boost for popular people, change voice boost for girls, Kim Kardashian and other features:

  1. Create as a puzzle
  2. Happy Halloween and voice tone
  3. Voice sound
  4. Strong voice
  5. Replace your voice with the woman

How do you greet Prank with calling?

• Select a sound. Examples – soundtrack, sound, Donald Trump voice, etc.
Choose a magazine. For example – cheerful music, fun, fun, kiss, football and so on.
• Choose a partner or a number
• Start a call
• Once the knee is connected, your voice changes to the woman. You can also listen to the answers and answers from your friends and friends.

Enjoy the wrong call and the Magic Call stimulator during the conversation. Just talk!
Practice on:
Funcalls – The best of voice and phone
• Tell your friends on a mobile phone!
Ask your friends to change your voice during a phone. Turn your voice into the top of the top and pant in the deep and narrow voice. Play humorous voice in a time to talk.

• Check my phone!
Listen to your mobile phones, greet and share with your friends.

• International phones on fixed lines and mobile phones!
Stay close to your friends and family around the world!
Phone calls for international phones for best pricing in fixed and mobile phones in more than 150 countries around the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East and many other places!
Specialized on mobile shows, tablets. Now it’s easier to take friends and family – and where they are.

• The best sound for a chat on Google Play!
• Create a DEMO call and hear your changed voice.

• How to use the app:

  1. Give the number you want to call.
  2. Choose your friend’s country.
  3. Select the required vote.
  4. After the answer is answered the other way, you can change your vote at the right time.
  5. Play musical sounds at the discussion.
  6. Make a DEMO call and listen to your changed voice.

• Options can be chosen and changed to a slot:

Voice Changer & Prank Calling App
  1. The balloon (heechton)
  2. Voice sound (high voice)
  3. Voice of the person (quiet voice)
  4. Voice-signal (low voice)
  5. Municipal provision (your normal voice)
    • Playback effects that have been selected and changed in a discussion:
    Cat meow, Moo, Telu’u, Vaavaa, Goose fana, Werewolf, Boom !, Chemistry, Faculty, Your mother.

Remember that VOIP has been created over the internet, so make sure you have a powerful Internet connection before using the app.

It is the cheapest service of an international telephone and provides specialty in the store.
We try to provide our users with the best support when creating a problem, remove your e-mail from our support team and send it via support to the app.
Call for change of male dog
Now you can record your voice, add the application and share it with your friends. It also helps to open on the phone and provide a set for your personal voice.
Write down your voice and restart your voice, listen to the sounds and effects, turn your voice into a girl or change your voice, the best mobile phone that broadcasts to the screens.

Fill your friends by changing your character during a phone call. Put your voice in the phone from the height and depth in depth and the uncertainty of the sounds. Attachment to the head is used in a real conversation.


• Start with your voice
• Select different types of families in the list
• Use the sound of the measurement in the sound recording
• Play the changed voice
Make a choice to scare the sound on your phone.
• Sound recordings
• Involve a component and change the voice and your friends
Every new thing that can change your voice in the vacuum to make fun and get away from the scenes and enjoy it.
With the Punch transmitter you can adjust and adjust your voice, improve your best bike for your pleasure
Talk to a woman’s voice
Change your voice to apk apk
Change your voice to apk apk
welcome to the stimulation of the phone
e-mail on the internet
send a call to the call
uncertain voice
Let your voice sound and plan the effects
Invoke the Combattee with emergency situations
uncertain voice
Change your voice to apk apk
sent and replaced by the sound
Switch your voice to a robot
Call the office of appeal
welcome and change the voice in a girl
welcomes and changes the process on apk apk
Let your voice sound and plan the effects

This computer software has many kinds of names: powerful compression, sensitivity to effects, sound effects on ruf apk, numerical figures

  • use sound change
  • Contact person without internet
  • Listen to songs
  • Speakers on the Internet
  • Voice Simulator
  • great internet signals
  • calls
  • Sound change is better
  • Allows use of the app
  • Change your voice tone
  • speakers
  • Voice dialing
  • Vote your voice and use of pleasure
  • Improve polling station for girls
  • changing sounds for girls
  • Happy
  • change sounds and effects
  • changed from sound
  • Change my voice
  • audio audio
  • calls
  • Switch an alternative with the effects
  • Happy
    It is easy to use without interruption

Let your voice go to a girl
Get your voice and use humor
Let your voice go to a man
Invoke an alternate link and influence
Change your voice to parents
Let your voice go to a girl

This app can’t record the voice, just a mobile phone, use your friends to make a switch and to make a mistake for the fun
enjoy phone number is free
Call one to a woman at a time of calling
Weather – Agrarwetter
Healthy Call – Features:
Right cited call.
Get out of a situation without harm with beautiful calls.
Register – Add hours to make a conflicting term.
Apply for currentization – Enter the name and call of pictures.
Voice – Include an abusive voice as you talk when you are suited to the way.
Written voice – Record your voice to make the prince.
Ringtone – as part of your entry you will hear the normal author.
You can select a ringtone from the phone book.
Signs – use the character we have for the quick phrank.
Use our characters for faster.
The police call – drinking.
Passive call for getting a kitten – trick.
Cleas by getting a smart phone from a girlfriend or friend.

How to phone:
A fast false click button now.
You get a misleading call.
Design glaze for a more advanced trick.
Once you have registered a fierce call, leave your screen.

To customize fake call:
Top screen
Set a name.
Enter number number.
Put a picture for the call.
Use the author to select the ringing ringtone.
Move voice to vote for the call that comes in.
Serve the failure.
Submit now as a timetable.

Ignore: There is a rare feature that enters to healthy play – not just the coming intocoming call.

If you want more features, continue.
Voice and influence
** The sound of the best sound and more than 50 million sauces! **

Switch voice and delay hearing to improve your voice!
Record your voice, perform it and share it with your friends.
You can easily change your voice of WhatsApp!

This includes special functions:
• Tele
• Hilium
• Hexafluoride
• Regulator
• A big robot
• House
• Do things that are useful
• It is a deep voice
• Once again
• Monster
• Small animals
• Optimus Robot
• Phone
• Drag
• Care
• Outdoors
• church
• Cyborg
• Sing along
• Android
• Within
• Viia
• Squirrel
• Dark Chiborg
• High fear
• Fly
• Zombie
• Children
• Drainage
• Canvas
• Is getting worse
• Low temperatures
• Reduction
• Devil
• Megaphone
• End
• Spirit
• To travel
• Little kid
• Rogue
• Sheep
• Due
• Everything
• Output Manager
• Poltergeist
• Eye shadow

✓ Ministry (whatsapp, e-mail, etc.)
✓ Save the register
✓ Piano
Design it in a sound. You can share it on Facebook
✓ Hearing sound first
✓ Create sound from texts
✓ Add to the memory of music
✓ Organize a sound of information

Voice Changer & Prank Calling App