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Holy Quran 16 Lines per page

Improve your speech and mental experience every second, anywhere with the real sense of the true mind Quran. The Holy Quran has a real side effect, elegant style, smooth Nastaliq font and various ways to improve readability. Now comes with a bundle of new customization options that give your eyes extreme comfort while reading. Easy… Read More »

Masnoon Duain Wazaif 2019

Masese Duain Mason Duain van Duas and Wazaef specialize as blessings for Muslims. After all prayers the Sages ask for forgiveness and forgiveness. Manon Duain does your daily life for every purpose. Moon Duain had to come to Mason Duain before they were bought, two waiting, two for food, food for sale, two for attending… Read More »

Alarmy- Alarm Clock with Loud Ringtones 2019

⏰ “The most spectacular watch in the world” Cnet, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, PC Mag … MAKE A DECLARATION ■ Biggest support in the world and 4.7 stars and over 800,000 ratings! (with phone information and over 100,000 reviews) ■ Performs noise for sleeping, neighborhoods and people who are not in the morning ■ “Photo design”… Read More »

Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2019 Apk

They are the most popular Muslim people Knowing that over 50 million Mosoli all over the world as prayer is the most accurate prayer & application Azan, the Islamic Prof shows the entire Quran with text -Arapi, telephone, translation and audio as well as member of Qibla, a calendar Hijri Islami, field clinic and halal… Read More »

My Telenor 2019

My Telenor app is one of the best solutions for your Telenor telephone number / mandatory number. These English and Urdu translations can limit your simple information in a few bands. My Telenor app is here to lower your life, happiness and freedom. Present time: Get your favorite deals on a reduction in Flash sales… Read More »

OnCharge Animations Apk Download 2019

PS: you do not violate any of the games being used and when copyright can be displayed at the top of the game when the prize is applied. OnCharge Entertainment is a great way to see recreation when you order your own order! Protect the power, extend your life to coconut and adapt to simple… Read More »

Chat Styles-Cool Text-Stylish Font for Whats-app 2019

Chat styles: cool text, stylish font for WHatsApp Use our cool text generator and stylistic font over font WhatsApp trick and starting conversations with great features for surprising typing! With chat styles you can write text with cool fonts and send cool text on WhatsApp, Messenger or many social networks. FERGE IN SIMPLE TO USE… Read More »

Speechnotes – Speech To Text 2019

The first pronunciation and discussion Speechnotes – most reliable for end-to-end and non-proven tests. It is a war that has been proven by millions of people for many years. Every place. Anytime. For thoughts, blogs, writers, administrators, trainers, busy people and anyone who likes to write. Simplifying life – don’t try to write short or… Read More »

Fake Notifications Apk 2019

Unfortunately, only 3 steps. Just enter the name of the request, enter the message and select the image. The method of naming this method used to use this app uses “opt out of unnecessary situations by making important information for family members”. UresFaatures Report the site. Multi-aircraft information The history of the report Send an… Read More »

Meteor: Free Internet Speed & Performance Test 2019

Meteor: Internet Performance & App Test Free Progress with the trial speed test and a downloadable test is fun and easy! Do your Wi-Fi or internet connection promise that pay streams you really are performing will be your favorite app? Find an early signal, drive a network or test by downloading and check the speed… Read More »