InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall 2019

Your device and / or mobile data may be suspended or permitted at the same time.

Preventing internet access can help:

• Reduce your data usage
Save your battery

  • Increase your privacy
  • Check your mobile applications
  • Simple Allow / Connection Application
  • Background background activity
  • Get as many new apps for internet access
  • Suspension of websites for adults


• Easy to use
• Save the Android firewall by ** ** ** from ROYAL!
• Don’t go home
• No examination or inspection
• Advanced and active support
• Android 5.1 and support received later
• Support IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP
Help Getting help
• Use multiple tool support
• Options can be promoted
• optional optional block
• Optional for system applications

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall 2019
  • Automatically starts
  • Automatically identifies applications that are currently installed on your mobile device
  • Notes and notes when new apps are established to access the internet
  • Installation / block position, on demand
  • Background information for selected apps
  • Try to use full use of data
    • Design a theme with a light and dark theme
    • Log in with your outgoing traffic; try finding and filtering activities; Distribute PCAP files to a traffic accident
    • Request / suspend individual contact details of each application
    • New notifications of applications; InternetGuard switched directly to your information
    • Observe a network graphite in a status standard
    • Choose from a set of five additional subjects in light and dark form

There is no other thermal firewall that provides all the jobs.
Why is InternetGuard at the top of the road?
It is a delusion. InternetGuard uses your device from the VPN device to create a firewall. If all applications send or receive data through the VPN, all traffic entering and outgoing InternetGuard will be assigned.

But the good part is that its use of InternetGuard’s own data now allows you to monitor the use of data for all applications. Please choose to use the house practice for use.
Preventive web app
Mobile: NoRoot Firewall
NetGuard firewall
NetGuard offers simple and advanced methods for blocking internet access – no root requirement.

Individual licenses or addresses can be included in applications and addresses for your mobile and / or mobile connection.

It can open internet access:

• Reduce the use of data
• Save your battery
• Increase your privacy


• Easy in use
• Words are not necessary
• 100% open source
• You do not want a house
• No findings or analysis
• There are no signs
• Active development and maintenance
• Android 5.1 and later support
• Support for IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP
• Help nets
• You can choose whether to go on the screen
• Give preference as an option when traveling
• Decide system applications
• Disclaimer if you have requested via the internet
• Optionally, the use of any network in all directions is included
• Design material with dark and dark materials

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall apk

PRO functions:

• Log in on all outgoing traffic; • try to search and gain access; Export PCAP files to traffic accident
• Allow / disable individual addresses for each application
• New application notifications; Make NetGuard the only information
• Display the graphical graphical network in status status
• Choose from five additional subjects in light and dark details
Internet Booster and Optimizer
This app is designed to improve your Internet browsing experience. Your internet connection is set by your ISP and we cannot change this, but there are many other factors that may influence how your device is based on this speed.
This is where this app starts activating. We automate a variety of commands and optimizations that your browser puts in the top of your Android system priority, so you can use your internet resources and internet browser to get a great browsing account.
This is not magical. These commands are actions that you can perform manually without the help of an app, but because of the time it will take and other reasons it may not be practical, why this app exists!

Whether your device is working or not, or you have a WiFi connection or mobile data (2g, 3g, 4g evolution), we run a number of automated tasks to improve the internet and browser performance. This task includes interrupting secondary processes, removing RAM, moving the cache, and spooling DNS.

TCP / IP option
We will set up branches that make the way you connect your device with others through the Internet. In most cases, the ping improves and increases overall speed, thus speeding up web browsing. Some of the settings are optimized for MTU size, TTLL hops, buffer size and more. These are only available for root users.


  • If you are connected to a router, your MTU can be restricted without the devices setup.
  • We cannot guarantee all desired results for any Android device. Android versions, frames and their settings are too much, but we advise you if you have a bug or problem or send a report in the event of a crash and a forced stop.
  • (for root users) This app searches a series of commands that cannot be used when the user’s permission is not given
    Net Optimizer and promotion Internet and faster games
    What is the advantage of Net Optimizer?
    -Draw and connect the fastest DNS server based on your location and network.
  • Increase web browsing with more frequent response time.
    -Fix has hit ping time on online games to get better gaming experiences.

-You have a link to find your report and connect to the fastest DNS server.

  • Discover automatic contact changes and optimize the network.
    -All DNS servers with a fingertips can view all the details themselves.
    -Work for mobile data (3G / 4G / 5G) and WiFi connection
    -Support various DNS servers (CloudFlare, Plan3, Verisign, Google, DNS clock, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, SafeDNS, OpenNIC, SmartViper, Man, FreeDNS, another DNS, DNS Yandex, UncensoredDNS, PointCAT and more)

How does it work?
If you have a high internet connection but decide that your browser speed is not complete, your problem may be in DNS. If you can find your best control over the DNS capabilities of your device, you can find the fastest routes to your data packets that run on it when you travel the Internet. Your download / download report is not displayed for you, but in some cases it can improve many markers in web browsing.

Sometimes you can test empty house cups when you try to access the internet from your device. Sometimes these problems can be linked to the DNS settings of your provider, because your ISP may not always have the best server for DNS servers.

Your standard DNS server directly influences how you can connect to a webpage. So if you choose the fastest server based on your location, you can search again.

With Net-Optimizer you can find the fastest DNS server and connect directly to a calculation!
In this way you can improve browsing and playing (ping and latency). (However, remember that DNS settings do not affect your internet transfer / upload, but response time)

Test results show an improvement of 132.1 percent of the Google DNS servers using the DNS servers, but with global use this might not be that fast. But with this one-button function you can feel free when you have a live connection to the internet!

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Author: tamoorpardesi