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Jeeto Paisa – Online Earning App 2020

Jeetopaisa Earning App

Do you feel that technology is taking over your social life and wasting all your time? But JEETO PAISA no longer connects you to your environment through Augmented Reality. We have devised a new way for people to win and socialize based on Augmented Reality. Our technology helps you see the world in an unforgettable way.

Play English, Urdu and Punjabi in your language. Other languages ​​launch soon! This game is always available to you in your language.

Explore the world: Look for hidden treasures and real money in the real world and leave your mark on the world by interacting with reward points.
With Jeeto Paisa, your real and fantasy worlds will merge with the Augmented Reality gaming experience as it transforms into playgrounds for treasure mansion. All this is done on a scale that will give each of you a personal augmented reality world where you can see lost treasures and challenges as you play and compete with friends and family.
★ 5 million tax points.
★ Find treasure in the world through a magnifying glass and click on it.
★ Get on the scoreboard by collecting more points and increasing your chances of winning exciting prizes.

Jeeto Paisa - Online Earning App 2020

Social Messenger Mess: Jeeto Paisa is more than just an app for messaging and social media.
★ Skip phone numbers, just send a message.
★ Find people nearby, or search by name to make new friends.
★ If text is not adequate, tap record and send.
★ Send and receive photos, videos and documents.
★ Enjoy a group chat with your contacts so you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family.
★ Share your location, swap contacts, send multiple contacts at the same time and more!

Small Games: Ever wondered how you could be rewarded with playing video games? So, don’t waste your time playing games.
15+ movie games
★ leaf prices? Eat bonuses and lots of good gifts.
Add additional benefits by playing for a bigger bonus.
★ No download required

If your phone has a built-in GPS, you can find things around you. You just have to do it; physically go where the card is, close the edge and get paid. You can see people in the neighborhood and add them as friends. You’ll see that it guides you and other people’s ratings and position. The guide’s three players receive mega prizes every Monday. Earning and earning bonuses is the right way to put yourself.
It’s time to leave – waiting is waiting for you! Let’s go!


  • It’s better for smartphones than for tablets.
  • Connect to Android 4.4, Android 4.4 – 7.0+ with more than 2GB RAM.
  • The comparison does not apply to non-GPS-enabled devices or devices that are only connected to Wi-Fi networks.
  • The application will not work on some devices even if it is not installed on the OS.
  • It is recommended to play network-connected for accurate local information.
  • Comparable information can be changed at any time.
  • Go to JeetoPaisa.com for more information about the network.

Here’s another trick to earn Paisa! Paisa Free offers you the possibility to recharge as much as possible and to download your mobile phone with unlimited talk time.

Stay on the hunt now because you have the best free software from India. Download the free Paisa program and you are now eligible to receive pocket books in your pocket. You can easily download free applications from your prepaid phone.

Have you spoken with a telephone for a long time? Pay for talk time now, but you can charge your phone to win free scenery. It will not only help you with a free conversation, but you can also be bothered by your friends and brothers and sisters.

You can download and win by sharing the quality programs displayed on the bidding wall. This great app is super easy to use and service.

Applications run on:

Jeeto Paisa - Online Earning App 2020
Jeeto Paisa – Online Earning App 2020

★ You will receive a free refund for any free landscaping advertising campaigns.

★ Receive exciting offers and new offers from the best free e-shop portals.

★ Download your mobile phone, data card from any operator, for example: Idea, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Docomo, BSNL, Reliance etc.

★ Upload DTH accounts via Tata Sky, D2h Videocon, Satellite TV, Reliance Big TV, Airtel.
★ Think about your loved ones and get 400 points right away.

★ Stay up to date with our app to get new deals every day, update programs, just install and win Paisa.

★ Secure Easy Paym cards, coupons, coupon codes – just do some small things.

It’s simple, immediate benefits, and free shipping requires no unpredictable registration. Don’t stress the possibility of being an Airtel or BSNL customer, sign in with your mobile number in a fraction of a second. Mobile Money does not require a password.

Invite friends and earn Pisa time for free.
Make a free payment for every friend you download and use Paisa Free to invite friends from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, share it or Google Plus.

Never pay for your cell phone’s talk time. Get it for free !! Select your mobile number. Download some programs as offers, consult with a staff member. Here it is. We pay for your mobile with these simple and small tasks – the motto of the free Paisa app.

Jeeto Paisa - Online Earning App 2020
Jeeto Paisa - Online Earning App 2020
Jeetopaisa Earning App
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