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What is the “Revolution” KPNTunnel Project / Series / Series?

KPN Tunnel (Official) is always more experimental and new with new light projects.
Clean the print better than zero for basic and better lighting.
SSL / TLS relates to the first applications through the tunnel SSH tunnel. (Yes, I know it’s an SSH tunnel, but we don’t feel it is enough, so SSL / TLS can connect to the safest way). This is used in the “Information” section, SSH tunnel, SSL / TLS, how you can use it.


  • Proxy substitute (SSH tunnel straight through SSH server).
  • Direct SSL / TLS. (SSunn tunnel tunnel by connecting SSL / TLS directly to SSH server).
  • HTTP Proxy (Tunneling via HTTP Server for SSH Tunnel Proxy)
  • SSL / TLS proxy. (Tunneling too SSC / TLS via SSH tunnel).
  • SSL / TLS Proxy> HTTP Proxy. (Tuning through the SSH tunnel with TLS / SSL via HTTP proxy).
  • more …

Error / difficulty?

  • Android 4.0 Only TLSv1 and SSLv3 (Android system) support, so TLS / SSL server uses TLSv1 and SSLv3 / Enable.
  • Android 4.1-4.2 tlsv1.2 tlsv1.1 Android 5.0+ and the system is not automatically enabled, so the update is safer and safer.
  • Do you need a rowing machine?

Some of the responsibilities are required in the following cases:

  • VPN rope (spread all hot spots via VPN).
  • and soon we will add more responsibility.
  • SSL + SSL Server Application:
  • Install and create a stunnel4 library when using TLS / SSL mode. You can download the original stunnel4 library at
    In proxy mode, stunnel continues to connect to the ssh (dropbear / openssh) port.
  • In proxy-type mode, the tunnel must be configured to join the bulb port “TLS / SSL-proxy”.
  • We recommend that all changes to the TLS protocol and SSL get to Android 4.0, why? See the problem / error above.
  • On the customer side TLS / SSL (KPNTunnel
    Section #:
  • Exclude HTTP request and some replacement items.
  • Direct contacts (no remote unit).
  • Five five Thanksgiving adjustments can be prepared.
  • Restore custom recordings. Disconnect and connect the phone once.
  • Search IP, find the ip name. X variation modes for each shape.
  • Multiple Log / Multi Server Connect the converted SSH with larger components.
  • It appears that the figures increase the speed and speed of information transfer.
  • Udpgw (from badvpn) supports UDP control on the SSH server using TCP protocols.
  • Add and ignore a customizable DNS watch.
  • VPN Close the IP-IP address without permission.
  • Fetching / deleting stuff blocked with Vpn or Iptable mode.
  • more …

Root Feature:

  • Iptables indicate if you are not using the VPN service (no)
  • Wifi Tether / Hotspot is trying to get a VPN service.
  • Restore custom recordings. Only APIs 21 and more require simple permissions.
    +++ KPN Photo ++++ icon

We (the software developers KPN) The package “” as “” We change because some people develop this application, so the theme (new user interfaces) and creates some jobs , It contains some activities and adds them to the next update (step by step):


  • Load an HTTP command / upload (see information)
  • find a secure connection to the SSH tunnel (OpenSSH / Dropbear)
  • Delete all information about the VPN service (finally) and Global Proxy (words of need)
  • Create a DNS address to open the ISP connection.
  • Support for the UDP protocol (Voice Search / Call / Distribution) but the SSH server requires UDPGW in BadVpn
  • HTTP / Squid Proxy and direct support (without proxy).
    These HTTP applications and secure connections (ssh tonela) and devices are easy to not use it. If you want to know more, request HTTP and confirm Shell (ssh) Read more.
Author: tamoorpardesi