Locker for Whats Chat App - Secure Private Chat apk

Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure Private Chat Apk

Handbook for Young Students – Personal Talk
You can check your personal chat with the WhatsApp chat group and store it confidentially with a tag name. In general, not only is the ratio restricted, but it has the potential problem to ensure that the entire program is one in one.


Disclaimer for Use (Free)
Best App for WhatsApp Save
Identify your own conversations from others
Take advantage of the opportunity and facilities
★ Meaning of Continuous and Human Development
Minimum license is required

How to use the app: \ t

  • Load and install the app on your Android device.
  • Open the app by downloading Locker for Whats Chat App icon.
  • Set a four-digit signal and confirm it again. (The meaning is often given to your conversations and requests to WhatsApp).
  • Enter an email address to update your web when you forget it.
  • Recording rights to use the application.
  • This closes the ‘+’ icon to close the thread you want.
Messenger and Chat Lock Locker for Whats Chat App - Secure Private Chat

This app is unique and very effective because you move your privacy and security. By preventing the key, you can add a personal chat PIN of your choice, and you should not be concerned about opening others on your Android device. Your personal information becomes available as 1-2-3 and App Locker for Whats Chat.

3) How do you prevent AppLock?
Develop better protection against AppLock security so that no one can remember AppLock without a password. You can cheat more protection if you don’t want it.

4) I have forgotten my file, how can I get it?
Delete the original version. Then click on the AppLock icon and then click on the image on the right side of the page, think of a ‘forgotten password’.

  1. Secure answer: click on security response, click on ‘reset password’.
  2. E-mail: click on adding a code for your e-mail, reset the settings of your website. \ T

— Meetings —
• Configure word verbs, patterns or blue words.
• Damage: hide photos and videos
• Thames are well designed
• More information about a computer: without the history of the rocks
• NHS benefits: major discrimination within
• Selfie bath assistant: show photos of people you can use.
• Traditional culture, choose your favorite photo
• News: focus on different parts of the app lock
• Time: lock / lock time according to time
• Location Location: locked / unlocked locked based on location
• Display the sky image
• Negative security: remove AppLock from the execution by a notebook
• Random program: prevents people from receiving the badge badge
• Stop the belt
• Lock the line (WiFi, Bluetooth, data translation, setup)
• AppLock widget: can remove / remove AppLock in one go
• Main policy: approve / delete the message
• Close space
• Make simple choices for protecting children
• Give a short hint without a suggestion, pattern, finger back at once
• Remove programs for termination
• Use low levels.
• Preserved processes

Many green logs on the playground. Password Protect, Password, Keyboard.

★ More than 400 million users use 45 languages.

L AppLock can be Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Setup, Call and whatever you want. Protection access and unauthorized survey. Check that they are secure.
Can AppLock be able to hide and edit photos and videos. Famous images and videos are hidden from the Gallery and appear only in video and videos. Protect former monuments. There is no pin, no way. U
PianoAppLock built into the piano and an invisible design room. There are no problems people will see the pants or design. Security!

★ With AppLock, there are:
Don’t worry about parents, check your Snapchat,!
Make sure you get the phone to play games and a higher game!
Never down to a friend coming back to the library!
Don’t worry about someone reading the specific information in your program!
You never have to worry about housing, making false messages and playing games!

Locker for Whats Chat App - Secure Private Chat
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