Musemage Green Screen Chroma Key (Beta)

Making your own videos with any background has never been easier!
*** More than a million users, thank you very much! ***
Thanks to the Green Screen Live Recording app you can record yourself with the front as a reversing camera and change the background behind you.
Choose from the dozens of background sets that come with this app, professional display settings such as desks, outdoors, outdoors. You can also choose between animated scenes with busy employees in it, perfect to give your video a professional look and weight to what you have to say.

Include in any page, portrait or landscape mode.
The app immediately saves your videos in the image library. You do not have to wait for processing. And because the videos are in the image library, you are a step away from sharing them via email, text message, YouTube, dropbox or one of your favorite apps.

Do you want more? We have you covered. You don’t even have to have a green screen, with this app you can choose which color range you want to draw from your environment and make it transparent to show the background of your choice.

And to complement it, you can also add your own personal background images from the internet, the photo library, or directly from the camera.
The images you import can also be fully customized using our latest image editing tool that will trim and rotate your background image.

Finally, this app is free to use, with all background images and all functionality. That’s a deal you can’t refuse! Download it now.

Green Screen Chroma Key (Beta)
Green Screen Chroma Key (Beta)

  • Exciting new feature: add great special effects to your live videos like explosions, snow, rain, fire, cat nyan, let it rain and even a dirty emoji!
  • lets you add your own personal movies as a background from your photo library
  • More green screen backgrounds for daily school show.
  • New feature: you can now apply the green screen effect to movies from your Photo Gallery (or any other color you like!)
    New Feature: You can now apply the green screen effect to any photo in your Photo Gallery (or any other desired color!)
    New Feature: You can add your own soundtracks from your music library as a template
    New: Add text to your videos
    New: You can now change the appearance of stickers by moving, scaling and rotating them

With just a simple download, Musemage opens the camera of your mobile device like no other app can. The most unique feature of Musemage is that it can use various filters and effects when processing in real-time while shooting, without waiting, in full HD video and full-resolution photos!

Try it now and see the great features of Musemage!

[4 professional recording methods]
Video mode: testing various recording functions that are opened at the same time.
Photo Mode: Various lens and camera filters all in real time to help you make a good shot.
Blue screen: Replace any background in a funny photo or video of your choice.
Magic Color: Feel free to change the color of any object, which is useful in any situation.

[Real-time idle functions while shooting]
Unique video stabilization
conditions is guaranteed a solid frame.

Real-time beauty
Refreshing Full HD video, wrinkle and defect repair, hair, eyes and other details. Get a smooth face right away.

Real-time HDR
Automatically adjust the brightness of image details, restore normal exposure, shadow, and highlight details of 3 EV or more. Change exposure and tone mapping for more realistic and clearer scenes.

Chroma Key
Chroma Key

26 camera lens filters and special effects filters
5 lens filters (bokeh, tilt-shift, vignette, etc.)
6 Distortion filters (perspective correction, fisheye, etc.)
6 art filters (paintings, drawings, gouache, etc.)
5 water filters (reflect, deficiency, snow, etc.)
5 filters for equipment (footlight, widescreen, thermal, etc.)

44 real-time color filters
6 adventure filters
7 film filters
6 black and white filters
6 Lomo filters
5 Document Filters
4 Light leak filters
10 film filters

Green screen AI
Draw a background with the latest AI technology! Select an image or video and automatically include objects and backgrounds – not only for background removal, but also for various other cool effects. The app is based on semantic image segmentation, finding the concept of objects and boundaries in images. Google Research DeepLab is a deeply developed neural network for semantic image segmentation – and now with Green Screen AI, this great technology is available as a simple daily app. Let the AI ​​find image objects and select the effect you want to apply. The real power of artificial intelligence for all!

Sensitivity to detect AI
You can apply effects on found objects or anything else (the background). There are 3 different levels of sensitivity for object detection:

1) People only: Focus strictly on people.

2) People and cars (default): registers people, planes, bikes, boats, buses, cars, motorcycles and trains. This mode is useful for privacy protection, as all objects that may contain sensitive privacy information (such as license plates, etc.) are swept away.

3) All objects: except humans and cars, find: birds, bottles, cats, chairs, cows, food tables, dogs, horses, pot plants, sheep, benches, trains and televisions

the effects
You can apply effects to the registered objects and to the background: AI image, delete, tile, green screen (hide objects as green background), transparency (distant background – transparency effects transform save PNG image), background exchange and much more .

Video support
Control of output frames. The lower frame rates have no influence on the sound. You can also shorten the source video to process only part of the movie.

Exchange background video
It is a fully automatic green screen and replaces background with selected video! This works for photos and videos. When you exchange the background of an image with video, you can export the image to video with audio from the background video.

Effects from image to video
You can convert your image into short videos with looping and smooth animation effects. Choose a photo and get super cool seamless links to Instagram, TikTok etc!

Chroma’s key
Use a chromata key to process traditional green screen material – or build a mask based on alpha (transparency).

Use the app as a shared destination
You can send media to the AI ​​Green Screen from any app that processes images or videos. Choose to share the selected image or video and use the AI ​​Green Screen as the destination for sharing.

Musemage Apk
Musemage Apk
Author: tamoorpardesi