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My Data Manager – Data Usage

My Data Manager is the best app to help you keep track of your mobile data usage and save money on your monthly phone bill. My Data Manager has been downloaded by more than 14.7 million users. Use My Data Manager daily to keep track of how much data you are using and receive notifications before your data expires or unnecessary high costs are incurred. Never lose control of your data, always check data usage for each app and avoid overusing data usage caused by background app updates and other app features.

Key features of My Data Manager:

· Alarms: fitted alarms to prevent high costs and shocks
· App tracking: knowing which apps use the most data, avoiding excessive data by updating the background app.
· Shared plan: Check the use of data for everyone in your family or family plan.
· About different devices: managing data on multiple devices and managing the use of data with a single tap.
· History: tracking historical usage to ensure you are using the right data plan.
· Save money: make the most of how you use your data and get more out of your plan.

Use My Data Manager to track how much data you are using, which apps are using the most background data and receiving notifications before your data expires and you are dismissed ‘ unnecessary.
Background app updates can use data without your notification. Follow apps and manage data usage right away, thanks to this free app you will never lose control of your mobile data balance.

With My Data Manager, you have full control over your use of background data and can monitor your data costs. Never exceed your data limit through unverified features, e.g. Update the background app.

What do people say about My Data Manager?

“You can install a free app called My Data Manager, which keeps track of how much data you’re using and which apps are using the most mobile data.” – David Pogue, Yahoo Tech

“My Data Manager does a good job of keeping track of everything so you can stay below your limit. It’s pretty amazing and definitely a great tool.” – Android Headlines

“My Data Manager … is the best Android app for monitoring and controlling how much data your Android is using” – Best Android App Review

“Monitoring your data usage has become an important task … which is why apps like My Data Manager are becoming so important.” ZDNet

“My Data Manager is an extremely useful tool” – CNET

My Data Manager - Data Usage App for Android
Author: tamoorpardesi