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My Telenor 2019

My Telenor app is one of the best solutions for your Telenor telephone number / mandatory number. These English and Urdu translations can limit your simple information in a few bands.

My Telenor app is here to lower your life, happiness and freedom.

Present time:

  • Get your favorite deals on a reduction in Flash sales type
  • Always update your MBs, minus, free SMS call-back function
  • Just click when the Telenor 3G / 4G app is used
  • Make your own offer for ‘My Djuice offer’
  • View your telephone and SMS recordings during the past 30 days
  • Receive a copy of your reply, text and MB for 30 days
  • Pay your price distribution and update your loan groups with credit cards, credit cards, financial statements and payment
  • Check your balance with your balyars for free!
  • Try a loan on your number if you are not balanced and fall
  • Make sure you upgrade your favorite art and Telenor mobile broadband
  • Offer and presentation of offers and presentations
  • Welcome to every package (not paid)
  • Add, forget or remove your name and family number
  • Take your complaint to Telenor Pakistan without the intention of the phone waiting and retaining its position
  • Internet access in the app
  • Make sure you upgrade your favorite art and Telenor mobile broadband
  • Search the app for free when you arrive

It is possible for:

My Telenor App
  • Telenor first
  • Telenor Postpaid
  • what to use

The app is always updated with new and amazing things!

MyTelenor version 3.0 version with specialized features such as intuitive (easy, simple, convenient) wooden boards for programs, fun and pleasure, the most commonly offered habits for you, our program of Honesty of Telenor STAR, more expensive and more expensive Discover Telenor.

If you are a subscriber in Telenor Myanmar, this is the best way to end your account and get new and new services. Improving MyTelenor’s attributes and actions is easier than used. To begin, simply install MyTelenor and tap your Telenor Connect ID certification – your Telenor Myanmar phone number. After logging in, you can:

  • New design designs – improve the use of experience to make the customer quick and easy! Currently, your favorite activities and features are in click, play or swipe.
  • Share with STATUS to check the people you are using – check your master and balance balance, top QR code or required bank (MPU, Visa, Master, Account).
  • Games and samples – buy gases and shake SHAKE and win over 100 GB, order KFC headings and finish or Store until it falls!
  • Find and know – more traditions, music / videos / plays.

There are no details for using the MyTelenor app in your everyday life, where and when managing the Telenor Myanmar phone (we will provide you with 50 MB of passengers low record after the first update for the download).

My Telenor App Download
My Telenor App Download
Author: tamoorpardesi