NO LUK - Best Screen Guard Privacy Filter

NO LUK Best Screen Guard & Privacy Filter Apk

You are in a busy place and you write your secret messages, but people will see you here and read your messages as you write. There is no protection against LUK Screen Guard, but it protects your image. Draws a scratch on your sheet. Security is important. Words
You should view an object at your corner as a train, and people can see your person if you enter your comment. You have no explanation and you have secure access to your information from your poor information from the LUK Guard Guard. Spell your information from other viewers.

At work
You are in a meeting and you have an important message to reply to. But you also want to be respective, so you don’t want to see your personal messages. No noise can hide your vision and no one in your area can learn or know your work. In a train / bus You stay in the full train and write on Facebook. The people around you see your person, follow your messages and see your photos. You can display the screen by reading the CLOSE screen guard. It is important not to be trustworthy. Keep your secret. No LUK Information Needed to Check for Important License From 2-3 years of age there is a new way to use usage that can be used to use other applications. No LUK is used to protect your screen while you use other programs to NOT close LUK. NO LUKs may be available for “Photo” and “Archive” to save the selected images to the file. We do not use the information, so we do not send information to people. Do everything in the community.

NO LUK Best Screen Guard Privacy Filter

Screen Study – Looking open / unused
Broadcasting – Investigating / authenticating self within the special screen program to monitor and keep your phone from visible sight You must, especially today and age .

By using this request, you can register the blood of your people by bus or outside, it is helpful to read the email, read text messages, or use your search – just as privacy requirements . There is a wide range of design and color for choosing from the list. As well as the special exhibition, you can also use the Guard Guard as the blue filter by using its design pattern and using color and visual images.

Important image:

  • Choose from a large number of clean colors that protect your self-esteem.
  • Clear cleaning can be removed easily from the in-app list.
  • Choose from a wide range of design blinds to cover your screen.
  • It also works as blue glass / blue light or light light.
  • It is easy to use and compare with other viewers / audiences.
    Screenscreen protection screen

Unknown information
I can’t bend over the file files or an administrator to find what you’ve done !!

You can even verify or specific information with this program (All Filipino) to work as a window on the window.
Used for work or places such as BUS, SUBWAY, LOCATION, you are even more important.

Thanks very much

  • add to other applications without interrupting the action.
  • remove filter and size
  • change the clarity of dividends.
  • tube or picture behind the screen.
  • Designs a sketch pattern or design design or diagram
  • contain it behind a filter if it is less.
  • launched a closed palette
    Dimly – screen dimmer
    With Dimly, it’s easy to confirm your hair beyond the lower level and change the light into your eyes. Placed for reading / at night or for daily use in a special environment.

Show clearly blue
Blue blue blue
Low and low level of beauty
Look for the update
Timote lock
Simple use is used for easier use
Look for fireflies and specialties
supplement that
Start the start

Use the alarm to restore the wallet
The simple publishing of the key is power and shutter. This will cause you to reset a ring if you are empty when the light is free (for example, you are outside and the screen cannot read).

What people say
“It’s worth it and it’s easy to use.” More than other options. “
“… this is my bedtime share 🙂 It’s easy to use.”

Mandatory information
write other applications. Use to retrieve your screen.
Check network connectivity with full access to the connection. Ads to use.

Screen screen
Reflect the color of your reflections to make sure your eyes are not awake. It will be easier than the Android glossaries. Low Lights Play, Travel Online and Reading Books. It even saves battery life for AMOLED screens!

More actions:

  • Widgets: Easy access to certain standby standards.
  • Bagging / plugging locale! Set the explanation based on time / place / etc. To set it up, sort a 100% warmth.
  • The audio slides use logarithmic size for traffic control.
  • Draw the application’s icon on your desktop for use / design.
  • Try to read smaller situations.
  • Make sure keys are disabled (it does not work on all phones).

*** If you change your screen, keep BLACK ***

  1. Use the battery button (Nexus7) for 10 seconds
  2. Use your application to update your waste settings
  3. Install the app and use it later

All you want to have this app! If you look after your search, you can visit Wikipedia (and contact me if you did):

Release the light from the light
Have you put the band on the piano, but is it clear?
When you feel the edge, it is just the light that you want to change. This app is called “Lower Hightness”.
Help helps to minimize your current situation in every situation. You can set a clear range from 0% to 100% by opening the app and choosing a free one that you want.


  • Reduce the color of the child under the lower light
  • Easy to use. Only valid for issuing and reducing the assessment (0-100%)
  • Start again when you start again
  • Full screen on top (Choose options for available space)
  • Easy to use. Requirements to select the number of the month that you want to set.
  • Minimum number of requests.
  • Press the home / lower right button – request permission from Android 6.0+ Po
    The main theme of the night is to attach your face when it comes to things that cannot be done. This application is a tool for destroying small-scale objects. It helps keep eyes and eyes closed during the night or night


  • easy to use
  • Determine the solution for Android problems using the small ones
  • Restore the basic basis for using the application
  • Keep following while using the application (option)
  • a white-blue sieve to help you sleep better (choice)
  • Support a clear tool on Android 4.4 and higher
  • Additional information: record immediately and correct with one click

How to work on Xiaomi Phone: Go to Schedule – Jobs – Open this \ t

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