NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video-Apk

NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video-Apk

NOTE: There will be a huge update in the coming weeks!
Great selection of new features for professional users as well as new features for free users!

This video recorder produces video from your phone screen which can be used for the following purposes:

[✔] All Android apps and games
[✔] Tutorials
[✔] App campaigns
[✔] Phone calls / video calls
[✔] Or even spy on one when using your phone! The possibilities are endless!

Install the app and click on [REC], it’s so easy!


  • Works junk on Android 5 and above!
  • Works on devices running Android 4.4 and above, but because of operating system restrictions, you need root
  • Highly adjustable frame rate; Make professional HD videos at 24 frames per second
  • Advanced settings help you customize the video to suit your needs
  • Has built-in root control
  • Adjustable countdown timer
  • You have all rights to your video without watermarks
  • Share the video soon after recording

Screen recorder and video editor: – No mess

No root screen recorder and video editor. High-quality video recording via Screencast

Record smooth, clear and high-quality videos with this video recorder with video editor. This No Root screen cast has various functions, including Screen Capture, Video Editor, Screen Recorder, Trim Video, Slow Motion and Quick Motion. With Screen Recorder Video Editor you can easily record screen videos such as game videos, video calls, live shows and more.


  1. Screen Recorder: – With this app you can record webcasts and make screen videos of games, video calls, live shows and more.
  2. Video editor: – Video editor helps you edit the recorded video to add texts, emojis, stickers and more to make it more interesting.
  3. No mess: – You don’t have to root your phone for this app. You can use this app without clutter.
  4. Video streaming: – After recording the video, this app allows you to cut the video for easy sharing or editing.
  5. Slow Motion: – With the Slow Motion function you can create a Slow Motion effect on your video to make it interesting.
  6. Quick Motion: – With the Quick Motion function you can create a Slow Motion effect on your video to make it interesting.
  7. Sharing and saving: – You can save and share the videos that you have made with your loved ones.
NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video-Apk

Download the new video recorder with a free video editor !!


No mess required, no recording time
High quality video: 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60FPS

Key Features:

✓ Many available resolutions, frame rates and bit rates; HD video support
✓ Switch on the camera (cam facing)
✓ Age / resume screen recording
✓ Monitor recording via a float window as notification bar; hide floating window for frameless video
✓ External sound recording
✓ Show edits in the screenshot
✓ Push the key to stop the recording screen
✓ Brush: touch screen to draw
✓ GIF Maker: A GIF recorder helps you record the screen as GIF
✓ Alternative storage: internal storage / SD card
✓ Wi-Fi transmission: Download to PC with videos and Wi-Fi screens via PC

★ Professional video editing

Superb Screen Recorder has many professional video editing features to help you make better videos:

✓ Video Trimming / Remove the middle part of the video
✓ Add background music to video
✓ Add subtitles to video
✓ Adjust video volume
✓ Change video speed
✓ Video conversion
✓ Add intro and outro to video
✓ Merging Videos: Combine multiple videos into one
✓ Add background image to vertical video
✓ Trimming video
✓ Convert video to GIF

★ Edit snapshots and image

NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video-Apk

Superb Screen Recorder is not only a video recorder, but also an app to take screenshots and edit photos. With Superb Screen Recorder you can draw a screen with one click. With only one hand. No more double pushing and catching. Quick and easy! You can also share your screenshots or use image editing tools in an app to sew and cut local images.

✓ Use the message bar as the float window to create a one-click screen.
✓ Insert images: combine multiple images intelligently into one.
✓ Resize image: The pixel image to cover areas that you do not want to display.
✓ Cut image: Save the desired part of the image only.

NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video-Apk
Author: tamoorpardesi