QuickStar Notification Bar Color

Power Shade: Notice Bar and Notification Manager
The most advanced panel replaces the reset! Make your painting extraordinary in painting, to your taste and choice. Get the newest functions at your fingertips now.
Finally, you have the choice.

Most important features
Ine Smooth color: take the basic design and color each element to your taste.
Authorized notifications: obtained, read, closed or redirected.
D Quick response: reply to your messages while you see them. For all Android 5.0+ devices.
Lednt Auto Bundled: Are you tired of the same app that is spamming your spam messages? They all now work together to manage them easily.
Arte Themes Reported: Inspired by P. P.

  • Lighting: your normal notifications
  • Color: it uses the color of the communication as the background of the card.
  • Dark: all your notifications are moved with a red-black background (great on AMOLED screens).
    Etching hotkey panel
  • Select a different color for the background or foreground (icons) of the Quick settings panel.
  • Change the light color.
  • Choose your own profile photo to see in the shade.
  • (Pro) Quick Setup Resize (this is the number of columns and rows).
Notification Status Bar Changer

The root is optional
Because the application has changed, sharing your system has no limited power capacity in the fast installation area (it cannot contain mobile data, location services, etc., where you open the configuration page for you). However, you do have access to root access to check these settings.

The status notification screen of your status should not be the same as all other notifications.

Bring a personality and customize one of the most popular parts of the user interface on your phones with one of the best Android notification apps.
Power Shade Power Download, the ultimate notification bar and notification manager for FRIESE!
Re-placements quickly – call messages
Can your speedy reports and your places look more difficult to handle at the same time?
Don’t you want to hang your hand to reach them?
He is no longer needed!

Core Places provide an early-access and early-language, and native language panel of the Android message at the bottom of your screen, so you can change like wifi, bluetooth, error and more, and also shortcuts to panel applications and websites!


  • Manage all messages
  • Reply, open, close and communicate
  • Total color change
  • Dynamic colors

Save your toolbar to the bottom of the screen

  • Full installation platform for thumbnails and system options
  • Total color change
  • Blacklist: Keep the status bar in special apps

EARLY OPTIONS for position

  • 40+ different places
  • Enter an app or URL as a short panel
  • Plan: change the number of sets and temperature columns
  • Slides: screen glass, phone, alarm, media message and sound
  • Q & Android Android Theme


  • Set position and size to move naturally
  • Options for hiding in the environment and full screen
  • Blacklist: Permission to hide an attack in certain apps
QuickStar Notification Bar Color


  • Rear the back
  • Change the panel’s background colors and early installation images
  • Keep a picture behind the panel
  • Select image app
  • Remove the color of the sailing boat at the footprint
  • Dark style
  • Co-fold with Bags
  • Switch and move your habits
    Share your practice and use it with others in this telegram group: t.me/BottomQuickSettingsBackupSharing

Find additional features with root / ADB

  • Ability to create secure system options such as mobile data and location. These settings can only be installed with ADB command or ADB-AD, based on Android certificates

Some of the keys of the keys:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile data
  • Blue teeth
  • Paste
  • feathering method
  • Don’t worry
  • Flight plan mode
  • A nightmare
  • Sioncron
  • Bright / light
  • NFC
  • Musical controls
  • WiFi Bothan
  • Date of the screen
  • working method
  • Cafe (display screen)
  • colors
    Watson Project – Results – Battery Saver
  • And more than 20 more!

The iOS central center has been at the bottom of the screen for years.
With the lowest standard you also get the same access and more!
Warning Line – Sterat Bar Changer
Warning Line – Sterat Bar Changer

Change message message / publishing line and status bar

Show that a change in Bar Changer & Stat Bar change / name is new when you use the new screen and come out as a newspaper. Yes !! Now you can get a Tapas or a photo or a GIF as your information consultant. Browse my ads for the photos or a custom message or send a message to Bar Changer, this app is one of the downloadable apps. Not only can you include a background image or GIF in my Information Contact Bar or Factor Bar or Information Bar, but you can also use the updates for Date and Control Management everything.

  1. Change the status bar or driver’s license line: Change the status bar or status bar button by adjusting the full status bar depending on your choice of line bar and color. Using a bar to normalize or vote in the office, you can follow the following: –
    inside. Many markers on / off
    b. Immediate number on / off
    c. A color bar
    d. Change the builders name
    Change the time frame
    f. Text line color text, format, change later
  2. Edit my ad or ad / ad for the Barger Bar: – with a new press release in a new movie or ad. Edit / explain the mobile device that you cannot send pictures from your tabs at the back of an information line or you can add GIF to a message. You can choose to have an image from the Gallery, or you can choose background information or set the same situation in our position as GIFs to set your information.
  3. Declare a message / message: – Use information bar Add a comment or barcode or by making the message available with the message: –
    inside. Calendar on / off
    b. GIF and photos have been changed with the subject change topic item
QuickStar Apk
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