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Shazam App Music discovery App Apk 2019

Shazam is one of the most prestigious programs in the world, and plays hundreds of millions of musicians every month and watches for others. Everything for freedom.

And this is the starting point: with one single upload of videos, words, links and services, you can listen or sell your Shazams.

Writers, like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, use Shazam to find new music and you can enjoy them.

Do you think you can find Shazam? To find it, play with the Shazam program while you watch the show.


• Identify one-piece music
• Play music songs and songs, or watch videos
• Add and add add-ons in the Spotify toddlers **
• Shazam example: Make music even if you don’t know! *
• Find concrete songs to find new music
• Stop and comment on real cards from Shazam
• Matters inside ban on your Shazams on each device
• Apple Music preview



• Check your friends’ interests if you contact your Facebook account
• Share your results via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more …


• View visible image: increasingly link video clips, Shazam magazines! Use where you know the Shazam smile logo
• Show QR reader
• Start Shazam on your smartwatch that Android will show you the artist and song


• It does not support MIPS items

  • The names of the songs appear in the thumb Me My Shazam when they turn
    ** Some services are responsible for page switching, device and app
    SoundHound – Examples of music and untreated vehicles
    Music music, information and voice control
    300M + downloads, thirty million songs were received.

Hey, what’s the song? SoundHound 8 makes it easy to play the music to play with you. Whether you’re in or out of the car, open the app, watch SoundHound sound, listen to your phone for a few seconds and we’ll tell you what to do! Some people call sorcery and we agree with that.

Look! No hands! SoundHound comes to “OK Hound …” can help you control the app, search for new music and keys without searching for free. You can still say ‘OK Hound …’ from every eye and say a command!
Hey DJ, come on! Finding new music is only a good SoundHound work. We are also musicians, so we have an incredible experience to do research with our music. Use your Spotify information to hear lists of lists, create lists, search for a search engine, and find new interests – all in real time, karaoke through LiveLyrics®. Are not you Spotify? No contact, we get your free fai-in-youtube player.
This is my journey. All songs you know are stored in your own history. Look where you heard this song on your music card. Do you want to store all machines synchronously? Do not forget to sign up for SoundHound for free!

But funny about SoundHound? All these things you need to know!

to check
• Play SoundHound sound on the music program you play! We will let you know everything about song and title, artist, album and text!
• Make a song on your head? Go to the SoundHound button, sing or let the voice be heard and we will be healed!
• Change everything you find in your own history
• Search for the most beautiful music in the world’s problems, worlds and popularities
• Find what you and your world are now choosing with our music music
• Songs you can do homeless-YouTube-YouTube
• Look for words when you sing a song from YouTube
• The sound comes to ‘Right right’ …, a simple and straightforward way to get the best music in your voice. The color is created by natural light, to talk as you are with your friend.
• Save just “OK Single …” from any computer or close the audio file on the back page. At the moment you see hearing, you can follow the orders, including:

‘OK enough … tell me what I found’
Aid / Questions
‘Okay … tell me what I can say’
Music available
“Right right … what song is that?”
‘OK enough … Play Adele’ Ringtone to your Cell
Search words
‘Right right … Look at the words from the castle on the hill’
List lists
‘OK enough … to play the best songs on the day’
Add to Spotify list (registration required)
‘Right right … Add this song to my list’

• Create famous listings through Spotify (SoundHound and the essential music sign)
• Access to Spotify recordings for best distribution through SoundHound
• Show and interact with real time, translate for your songs and LiveLyrics (r)
• Keep everything you find that matches many devices
Beatfind – Aithne / Observer Ceòl
You can tell and know the Beatfind songs around you. Click for the best party on the bike and prepare for a light on the music and music line.

Group accommodations:
• Visualizer displays microphone information and participates in music.
• Use the use of a musical instrument in music and music.
• It is a music information technology that allows you to explore and know the number you want (with the ACRCloud).
• List of popular names.
• Can view a unique number.
• Listen to regular songs on extensive services such as Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.
Samsung music
Samsung Music is better for Samsung’s Android device and offers powerful physical activity and the best part of its use.

more important

  1. Support for renovation of audio and audio spectrum such as MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC.
  2. Helps to correctly regulate music tracks to departments. (Exam, book, brand, body, distributor, cradle)
  3. Support a new user who easily connects to smart devices from Samsung, such as tablet, TV (DLNA, screen), portable.
  4. Provide contact with pure and informative people.
  5. The music from Samsung shows a suggestion signed by Spotify. You can find Spotify music and a Spotify newspaper and Spotify music you hear.
    (Spotify is only available in Spotify countries.)
    What is FLAC?
    FLAC is MP3 and AAC, but it does not mean that the audio encrypted in the FLAC has an adverse effect.

*** Licensing regulations ***
This requires a license for Samsung Samsung software.
Even with any permission to choose, the basic jobs can work correctly.

[Authorized Permission]

  1. Permission permit:
  • Let the player write, change, turn on the SD card.
  • Let the player read the information from the SD card.
    Soly – Song and Answer Research
    Download it for Song and Lyrics. Give songs and records of Lyrics.

He knows a song in seconds and allows you to play lyrics or songs on YouTube and more! Not only do you find songs and songs, you can also play music in words in music Soly! Not just a game for music assistants.

What is this song? How can you find a song on the sound? How do I add words to the file? Simple threat to the favorite music site! Identify music and songs that are close to you when the voice is found. Promotional music is not fun and easy.

Just click on START and find music. Give songs of favorite songs and sing the karaoke to music and music.

If you forget the song you were looking for, without any problem – Soly has explored music research. Just play a long time to find out a song, open or play the song on YouTube.
A simple title helps you find all new jobs in Soly. Find your important center of music. Keywords for keywords, listen to music in words or search for history. Do not remove your video training.

Why not?
✓ Find numbers and write in different languages
✓ Accept simple words
✓ Play with music in words
✓ Ask friends about global words
✓ Add a sound when a music clip is uncertain
✓ Current plans

✓ Effective, fast and reliable
✓ It is easy to use

Music is usually not supported on a mobile device, but only one click on this free number and get it! Try it, seek music by studying listening and music!

Important components:
Check your internet! If another device also uses a microphone, change it. Women must have access to Soly. Sometimes when your device is older, the microphone is not good, so say this as a problem.

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