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“Recently the DNS server was deleted, Android (2.2+), Gan Gynnwys Kitkat, one click.

Kitkat (Android 4.4) is now available in new systems. Gall Rheolwr DNS Weithio or Ganlyniad. Nid yw’n newid and gosodiadau ar gyfer systemau, evil steps lleoliadau gweinydd DNS lleol trwy I find here in DNS, I am very happy

Mae’n Gweithio is your version of Android 2.2.
1) What DNA sews, oh. Gallwch hefyd is added to weinydd dns. In ddiffygiol, the unwanted DNS requires Google wedi’i.
Freshly prepared DNS (dim gwreiddiau 3G / WiFi)
★★★ y-data symudol cyntaf DNS NEWID (has a package) ★★

Camau is a nice Cipeggy Gwefe

► When the harvest is complete

► Cefnogi WiFi / Rhwydwaith Data Symudol (2G / 3G / 4G)

► Give the boss a good taste.

► Rhwystro is probably poisonous

► Pori i gyflym ar y rhwyd

DNS Changer is required to provide a new DNS. Gweithio has access to data via Wi-Fi and Rhwydwaith Symudol.

Ganti DNS – Ubah DNA (4G / 3G / WIFI) Tanpa Root
★★★★ Ganti DNS New Ubah DNS is Android ROOT! ★★★ 🔰
You can protect websites, blogs, forms or questions by sending them to your request.
Ela Ela Jelajahi Internet Internet Educator!
✔ 4G report, 3G WIFI!
Phone, Android tablet for Android. Cukup is a success!
TANPA GOOD instead of Hemat beat pastade.
You want to get rid of a car, make a ping across the coast!
From the Mudah, Ringan, only the rim battery.

DNS access to the DNS can automatically switch to Windows Server and DNS.
Countries are free
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