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Usually, there are two ways to play music on your Android device. You can use the text or word. What happens third?

The purpose of this program is to allow employees to manage the phone access and they do not want to use the speaker.
If you have someone and want to hear a talk, p. Ex. song, and so forth. The use of Bhonon (phone) is available in this case.

This helps on video video, but also on podcasts, so it’s important to delay listening and not to support them. The secret of music allows you to use it clearly to show what you do not find at the beginning of the conversation.

Note: there is no music player there. For example, it is used to preach all the visual files. podcasts, songs, notes and music.


All languages ​​on your computer.
Take a video with loud voice and take a word in the field.
The installation site can find files.
Remove the computer from selecting an audio file that allows you to proceed to files.
Video Video and Video Production.
To select files for files and files.
The way to remove steps from the Vup screen.

Author: tamoorpardesi