Earn up to $20–200 Per week

WhatsAround – Earn up to $20–200 Per week

Do you like photography, traveling and outdoor activities? Download the revolutionary app on social media now! And stay up to date with all the places you have traveled while making money. Make money by bringing WoWs to your shots and winning the Daily Shot challenges: Best Earthshot today, Best Sunset Image today, Best Self Recording Today, Best Videographer Today and many more challenges awaiting you. Local and worldwide.

Let’s keep up with social media products. Let’s take ownership of our content and creativity. Let’s complete the history of places, and let’s share it honestly. WhatsAround honestly provides every day income to its users based on their contribution to the WhatsAround ecosystem. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to be famous or gather a lot of followers to take advantage of the app. You win by discovering new places, sharing good photos and connecting with new people; in fact things you would normally do without motivation.

• Go outside and make money
With WhatsAround you can send great photos, great videos of the area and activities around you. Don’t waste time and trouble sharing photos for free. Let us appreciate your contribution: make extra money if you have fun with your friends.

WhatsAround - Earn up to $20–200 Per week

• Wait with people
• SHOP In the construction market with your profits
You can spend your income on the built market by buying gifts or stores, stores, cafes and restaurants nearby at Amazon, the App Store or the Playstore.

The process: how does it work?
Each of the following activities wins the # ShotPoints user who will eventually build up in #ShotCoin, the corresponding cryptocurrency in the own and associated WhatsAround app. With ShotCoins people can buy ETH, PayPal Cash and gift vouchers in the App Store, Google Play Store, Starbucks and Amazon.

You can earn points on WhatsAround as follows:
Upvotes on your recordings
When someone makes a bookmark for your photo
You vote for other shots
Your bookmarks
Shoot attention
Be the first to draw at specific locations

Invite friends
Place up
These friends have uploaded their first profile photo
The friends who are updating their cinema for the first time
These friends are going up
Weekly and daily photo challenges (available soon)
In short, the WhatsAround app was created and delivered by Blockchain Technology to save us from the data crisis associated with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others. and, in addition, the bonus of receiving rewards for activities that we have performed free of charge so far.

WhatsAround: what is it?
WhatsAround brings together the best of two of the most famous social media apps: Foursquare and Instagram. People upload or share photos of their respective locations on a platform run by Ethereum Blockchain.
The app is best suited for people who want to get in touch with Mother Nature and outdoor activities such as tourism and travel.


People can earn points and eventually cryptocurrency if they share what they see and perform other activities in the WhatsAround environment.
More points can be gained for discovering new and exciting locations that other people can enjoy; for example, the secret place that users can benefit from in the app.

Features of the project include a private wallet, direct camera and easy-to-use interface that allows people to not only upload photos, but also videos of their global travels that people can view in the WhatsAround environment.

WhatsAround promotes the immortality of moments by taking photos and videos of people’s lives and “what’s around them”. The app is powered from the user’s phone location to provide rewards for the first person to take a photo at that location.

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Author: tamoorpardesi