SIM Verification System: Pakistan only

Systems that are certified SIM: Pakistan only
It is very important to know the number of samples shown in CNI.

In an app that has been verified, you can receive a SIM card from every CNI. Simply enter the CNIC and check the number of SIM cards in your CNIC program.

Sam will show Pakistan requests for you to know how to check Check your bets on your CNI.

In the SIM authentication application, you can check through your network and for free through the PTA website assets:

  • Get a certificate of biometric certification in your CNIC
  • SIM validator
  • Check the correctness of the review
    Check the number of SIMs registered with your CNIC.

Receive the SOS Biological Review Record
Check your CNI registration number.
Note: This application is for Pakistani mobile network only.

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