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Lyrical Photo Video Maker

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Video Creator Pictures with song is an application to create and edit videos, create and share great friends with friends!
Pictures With Video Maker is one of the best video editors, slideshow creators and movie editing apps in the Android store. Make profile photos and videos come to terms with your friends.
With this app, even easy to create, you submit to edit, gallery photo gallery or gallery application.
In Photo Video Maker with Song Application, video editor you are the best tools: music, frames, effects, …
Video Maker with Song Photos is one of the powerful full video manufacturer applications. Everything you need to make a great video

Lyrical Photo Video Maker 2019


  • Powerful video editor
    ★ Video maker and powerful editor.
    ★ Easy cut, crop of merge, merge videos.
    ★ Calculated editions.
    ★ make a video fast.
    ★ Video effect is so cold and closed.
    Create and add music from the list sound to the device.
    ★ option to move the speed between photos.
    ★ Show the video and save high value.
    Credit-friendly video taken on Instagram or updated profile profile on Facebook.
  • Best photo editor
    ★ Enlargement, color scheme and automatic lighting.
    ★ filter effects and perfect frames.
    ★ Stickers are so cold.
    ★ choose, rotate and point your image.
    ★ Remove and add.
    ★ reinforce and remove.
    ★ Make your own moms.
    ★ Crop pictures.
Video Maker Video Editor

NOTE: Your video stories are stored in sdcard / VideoMakerPhotoswithSong / MyVideos /

Read Video Maker pictures with a number and make a great video for you to share with your friend … Thank you.
Video Video maker
Photo Video Maker is a program for making videos with pictures and music and sharing the weird music video story with your friends!
Photo Video Maker is one of the best video editing programs, slide show makers and movie editing apps on the Android Store. With this app you can find the easiest way to create your video profile from gallery or video video images. We are trying to build all video editing like: text, music, theme, effects, frames … All you need to make bad video and video video

Main features

  • Powerful video editor
    ✓ It is easy for professional editing tools with a simple interface
    ✓ A fixed version to make a video in a minute
    ✓ Select gallery images. You can select a maximum of 60 images
    ✓ Add music you like to your mobile with editing and cropping features
    ✓ Add background background to background
    ✓ Hose / fast movement with estimated fat adjustment in 0.5s
    ✓ Save a video report with HD quality and share videos with your friends via social networks
    ✓ Close the size to submit on Instagram or create a profile profile on Facebook
  • Great photo editor
    ✓ An adult photo editor is included!
    ✓ Collect your photo with creative photo frames
    ✓ Fantastic photo fax filters
    ✓ Adjust to create a sticker or text

Photo Video Maker is a free video editing app and the best choice for creating videos with photos and music and sharing your sweet memories!

If you have any questions or suggestions for movies, please contact us by e-mail:
We have worked hard every day to make the app better. Thank you for your support!

NOTE: Your video records are stored in “Album / PhotoVideoMaker / OutVideo” or “File Manager / PhotoVideoMaker / OutVideo” or “Gallery / Photos Video Movie Maker / OutVideo”
VideoShowLite: Edit videos of photos with music
This is the summary version of VideoShow video editor, small-scale and optimized for each device.

VideoShow – Video Editor: Highlight through Google Play in 161 countries
VideoShow is included as No 1 video editor in many countries. That’s the choice for 400 million users! We have received many honors in the appeals and have received over 3,000,000 four-star ratings. It is also included in the list of best video editors!

★ popular worldwide
VideoShow is a powerful movie editor and slide show production program worldwide and is often used to create, share videos, blogs, photos, images, slide shows among YouTube users, Instagram and Facebook.

Mostly with younger filmmakers and banners
VideoShowLite is a fast movie maker / movie maker / vlog maker / video clip / slide show editor / screensaver that makes it easy for users to create quiet and clear video. It is popular with professional photographers and non-professional beginners. We provide live video clips wallpapers, clean camera, filters, poison stickers, magical effects, special doodle, slide show animation and free video Christmas square.

★ no time limit, adapted water market after they are connected
You can make video screens, click without length limit, execute some structure or create your own brand.

★ everything in an editor
The video creator sets in to build a program video editing one-on-one for those who need a good vehicle for mending / trim / reverse / cut / rotate / collage / turning / cutting / compressing fast , and cut movies on phones. We have elegant theme, subtitles, music, filters, Emoji … everything you need for a great video. And the app contains useful tools such as video trimming, cropping, compression, converting MP3 … \ t

★ Unique innovation

Photo Video Maker
  • Video dubbing. Try and use your own voice or sound effects.
  • Doodle on video. Zoom in and out.
    ★ contains the toolbox
  • Powerful video trimmer / video clips: clips or unreal parts of your video.
  • Fast trim: trim and move your video, edit clips, photos, images now.
  • Video compression: enlarge your video.
  • Video for Mp3: travel the audio number of your video to an mp3 file.

★ Key features

  • Specify different fonts for text styles and subtitles.
  • The store has material: theme / effects / stickers / fonts / high sound / music effects, and keeps updating all the time!
  • Exercise for Instagram users. Save a battery and space
  • Import free 4k HD videos. Support for most video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI.

★ Share videos
Share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line, Inshot, Tik Tok, Dubsmash Video. There are nice themes and no recreational mode, spoiled background, speech removal makes video / slide shows more attractive. Save them in the plan / album or share it without a full limit. VideoShowLite is a flexible and flexible film studio that makes your film, film, films and video stars.
Camli – Video camera video camera editor
Camli – Video Video Maker Editor is the best video editor that combines with a skate camera with advanced video editing. It offers professional editing tools, various music features and background editing features that make it easy for users to create unique slides or slideshows.

With a large base of users, Video Editor and Camera Camera Beauty becomes a popular video program for professional and non-professional video makers. Download a Video Maker now and create a cool video, a unique tour and a slide show!

★ Beauty Features Camera Video Maker and Music with Effects ★

🎬 Video Cutting and Beauty Camera:

  • Fide video with special subtitles and popular music.
  • Upload video as a professional: save / merge / share / duplicate / rotate / compress video clips on your storyboard.
  • Change your clip with different materials, create epic videos as a film director.
  • Write what you want in the video, select the desired font.
    -Different portions: You can use the portions that make you funny and creative original videos.

Kyn Accounting Instruments:
Edit video with a number of subtitles and add music to the video with the image. The rotation function is also good. There are a number of colors in the video material center that you can use.

🎬 Create a unique video:
With 100+ materials and easy operation you can change your photos or video clips into lament video in a few steps.

Forio Export:
Video Editing Video and Beauty Manufacturer offers high performance 720P / 1080P HD export without watermark. Exported videos and slide shows without time limit and more decisions: 240p, 320c, 480c. Support for most video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and so on. You can save options or slideshows at any time on your plan or album.