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ACMarket: Play Store settings
Download games, programs, modes and free books. No protection or community member is needed. It costs nothing. ACMarket is the best way to Google Play Store. There are millions of Apple users worldwide.

AC-Shaped Paper
Android App Store Below are some of the features with this app. Better hide yourself when using this program. New games and apps are added to the store every day and you can get free apples and games. Run this shop and stop relying on the internet to download below modes and other programs. Because it is much safer to download all your Apple apps from the app store than to download them from the internet. Because there are many opportunities to install fraudulent programs. The best way to play in shops.

App Screens

User friendly
This program is well organized and very clean in design. Thus, the interfaces are familiar and easy to understand.

Easy to use
As this application is very similar to the Play Store, there is no need to learn how to use this application.

There are no hidden payments
It does not contain hidden payments and it helps the user to save money.

Latest programs and games
Get the latest version of programs, games, modes, and books

Amazing Features

Fast download
Includes significant download speeds. So you have to wait a long time for the download to finish. Immediately.

The most important feature of the application is that all added content is free.

Safe and secure
Contains trusted programs and games, and scans for malware and viruses.

Installing on a computer (Windows / MAC)
how to install this app store on windows and mac and enjoy great android apps and games on your computer.
We use another software called Nox Player to run Android applications. Using Noxi Player, you can install any Android application and games. Even you can play high-end Android games on your computer.

  1. Download and install the latest NOX player on your computer. Click here to download the NOX player.
  2. Click here to download the latest version.
  3. Open the installed NOX player and drag to download the .kk file.
  4. The NOX player will install the application for you automatically.
  5. Enjoy the free Android App Store.
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