Root Booster ⚡️ Classic [root]

Root Booster

Root Booster ⚡️ Classic is for root users who need to do more to run applications at home and without delay, or for those who want to improve poor battery life.

There are many applications that save battery or improve performance, but Root Booster uses the most proven settings for the best results. You can easily use these settings with preset modes that provide faster expansion, increased battery or upgrade stability. This condition is achieved by proper use

Root Booster Classic is a great file browser for Root Booster users!

Check all your Android files and protect your Android phone. From copying and pasting files to moving and transferring, you can have full access to your phone.

Basic root search is available:

The File Explorer Source Browser is a great file browser and browser that helps many users navigate their

– Protect all root files: Search and find all root and Android apps with this great app.
Key analysis tools: Features include SQLite Database Editor, APK Analyzer,

Source Explorer is a great file explorer for local users. Download the Android file system (along with your hard drive!).

Features include multi -page, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Web Application (SMB), SQLite Data Viewer, text editor, zip and tar / gzip file sharing, file sharing, global options, functions of document, search, restore, enable, notify, send files (via email, Bluetooth, etc.), images, APK

Triggers allow you to choose from hundreds of common triggers to attach to your program. . Root canal treatment is needed and your machine should be able to dance the old blanket.

Dance Boat shape:
There are hundreds of beautiful dairy farms for serious users.

Remove or delete programs with one -touch installation of local programs (example images)
– Remove equipment, services, hosts, and services
– App permissions are enabled
– Hold the table, release program to resolve the issue

Root Booster