Clock Vault-Hide Photos,Videos®

Clock Vault Hide Photos,

Clock Vault (Secret Photo Locker & Video Locker) is the best security app to easily save and hide photos, hide videos in a private collection to lock files you don’t want others to see on your device.

Clock Vault app protects your privacy by keeping a secret time password!

Private Photo Vault® is a photo vault that hides all your photos and videos behind a password.

The #1 hidden photos app for iOS is now available on Android!

Have photos or videos you don’t want anyone to see? Hide those private photos and be safe

Photo Lock is a photo lock to lock your apps, private photos and videos with password, pattern or button lock. If you want to lock some apps, photos and videos securely,

Photo Lock is a reliable tool.

Best Photo Lock can lock Facebook, Whats App, Gallery, Messenger, Snap chat, Instagram, SMS, Friends, Gmail

App Lock is a smart and secure app lock for Android that protects you with a special lock, security lock and hidden password.
App Lock can lock Facebook, Snap chat, Whats app, MS and other apps you want to lock, and you have many apps for free! Protect yourself!

★ The best, smart and professional app lock – Smart App Lock ★

– Fingerprint Unlock (Samsung device or Android 6.0) —

Smart App Lock is a tool to lock the apps you want, and protect your privacy!
Your complete privacy protection and lock!

Clock Vault is a personal protection tool that protects private photos and videos by locking them with PIN protection, fingerprint recognition and common sense. This is the best place to protect privacy, hide your photos, videos and files. With Super Vault, you don’t have to worry about taking your devices to friends and family.

With Clock Vault you can protect

Photo Safe – a safe application for storing photos, scanning documents (passport, driver’s license, etc.). The image are stored on your device and stored as tags. The encryption method

Why is our app safe?

Save videos safely and easily with Video Locker Pro! – The best app to hide videos on Android.

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Videos in your Android library can be securely locked with Video Lock and only accessible with a secret PIN.

With the help of our app, you can hide the photos and videos that you don’t want others to see for free, you can simply make them accessible with the password and fingerprint provided in the app.

Hide your photos and videos in the program, you can choose from the list of unwanted photos

Key points for unlocking folders and files:
• Photo Lock, you can hide your private photos.
• Clock Vault, you can easily hide your secret or funny videos.

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