WTMP — Who touched my phone? for Android

Who touched my phone

WTMP – Who blocked my phone? The app records the users of your phone and the front camera which user is correct. You can see who, when and what is happening on your favorite device without any control.

– If someone opens your phone without asking, then
WTMP app for writing and adding privacy
in the app on the report page.

– Anti-theft app warns thieves or fraudsters not to touch my phone.

Want to check if someone is trying to unlock your phone while you’re away? So it was the first app of the WTMP app – that rang the bell for me.
WTMP app lets you catch hackers if someone tries to unlock your phone without asking you.

This application takes pictures with the front camera on the back and the report includes (opening the program and broken images, date, time, etc.) stored in the application.

Catch thieves, pranksters like your partner or others who are playing with your phone.

Best features of WTMP PRO:
– Find out who tried to open the lock.
– Take a picture of the attacker.

Who touched my phone

WTMP – Looking for someone to scan my Android security, touch my phone to find the best hotkey capture.
Download WTMP Mobile Security Protocol – Spyware Detector Intrudes My Phone’s External Defender. It helps you know who is watching and allows you to search with the third eye and see who is touching or seeing the phone without permission.

Don’t Touch Your Phone is one of the most secure mobile app

🚨 Phone special security:

“Who hacked my phone?

This app​​​​​​​​​​​​will take pictures of people who try to use your phone with the front camera on the back, without knowing the attacker. You can see who, when and how on your mobile when you are not in control.
The app starts every time you turn on the phone and every time you try. The phone is free

With the help of the app, you can find out who took your phone without permission.
As soon as possible, it will take a picture of whoever unlocks your phone.
Find out who it is – your lover, your partner or a cute child? No one understands!

Who touched my phone who locked your phone while you were away Well, Trexx App Studio presents WTMP – Who Touched My Phone app.
WTMP app lets you catch hacker trying to hack and unlock your phone without asking.

WTMP Pro captures its image with the rear camera without showing that it has been recorded and saves the image (photo of the attacker, open request, date, time.

Catch thieves, pranksters like your partner or others who are playing with your phone.

The works in 3 simple steps to help you.
Step 1: If someone tries to account your phone with the wrong PIN, password or pattern, the finder will record it secretly with the front camera.
Step 2. Now the intruder detector records your device’s location and address without your knowledge.

Who touched my phone? The app lets you know who took your phone without permission. You will see who it is when your device is not in your control. And the most important thing is that the photos are not posted on social networks.
Who touched my phone- This is a simple and reliable app for Android users.

The best touch on my phone:

Who touched my phone